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You’ve heard it before: Men and women’s brains are “wired differently.” Maybe you believe it and maybe you don’t. Frankly, we would be very surprised if it was not true. Men and women certainly do seem different, and we have always assumed that those differences were indeed mental in nature. Men and women have always displayed differences in their preferences, in their abilities, in the way they communicate, and so on. But what causes these differences? Is it the way their brains are built entirely? Is it the way they are taught by society? Is it some combination of the above? In many ways, it’s hard to say, but there is significant research being done on the subject.

One hundred to two hundred years ago, there were scientists who used to claim that you could tell a male brain from a female brain. We now have research, though, that says just the opposite, and claims that our brains aren’t so neatly sexually categorized. There are certain brain formations that seem to be more common in males than females, and there are brain formations found in the brains of both men and women. This is a completely new field of research and there’s still a lot to be done, but neuroscientists are working hard to try and identify differences between the sexes in an effort to determine precisely how we are wired. Men, on average, have large amygdalas, which, ironically enough, are the sections of people’s brains associated with human emotion. There is a lot of data that seems to overlap between the sexes, though, and even more research being accomplished. A recent study of fourteen hundred people by behavioral scientists using magnetic resonance imaging techniques looked at how much “gray matter” was in the brain. Gray matter is what contains nerve cells. They also looked at the brains white matter, which connects the gray matter. The results were actually very interesting.

The memory part of the brain, called the hippocampus, was bigger in male brains than in female brains, but some women had more male-type hippocampuses, and some men had more female-type hippocampuses. It seems that male and female brains fall on a type of spectrum of brain formations, with no clear differences but lots of overlap. Anywhere between 23 percent and 53 percent of brains contained a mixture of what could be considered typical structures for males and females both. The researchers finally decided that there simply is no such thing as a male-type of brain and a female-type of brain. They even went so far as to claim that because of this, differences in how males and females behave are largely a myth, say the researchers, who claim that less than one percent of the people they tested exhibited only male or only female type behavior patterns.

The scientists got very excited about their research and decided that perhaps it meant a lot where it comes to gender-specific education, or the supposed hardwired behavior differences between males and females. Some of them went so far as to argue that sex should be eliminated as a variable when examining the brain (and when diagnosing brain disorders). There seems to have been kind of an agenda when it comes to the study and the analysis of it, if you ask us: These scientists seemed awfully eager to declare that there was no scientific evidence for the fact that men and women behave differently, and they then went so far as to claim that men and women, well, don’t behave differently. But is this a case where we should believe them? Or is it more likely that they are pursuing their own agenda because these conclusions validate the research they are doing?

Men and women are different. This is a fact, and it is borne out by any experience that any man has in this world. There isn’t a man in the world who hasn’t concluded that women are different in how they approach life and deal with things compared to men. If a hundred scientists look at a thousand brains each and claim they see no difference, does it stand to reason that this means men and women behave identically when they clearly do not? Or might it be the case that the men and women involved do, in fact, behave differently, but the scientists are eager to prove their own research? It seems ridiculous to think that we can just blithely declare men and women to be the same. And yet they have done so, so where does that leave us? It leaves us wondering how to reconcile the two. All you have to do is look at the reality of the issue, though, when it comes to how men and women interact. The fact is, women are very messy. Relationships are messy too. It’s often difficult to deal with them when it comes to non-professional, “amateur” women. Let’s look at why that might be.

The typical amateur woman, meaning a woman who is not a professional entertainer, brings all of her baggage and drama into a relationship. This means that she will expect you to solve her problems when she has them. She will bring those problems into the relationship when the two of you first get together. If she has money problems, well, guess what? Now you have money problems as well, in that she will expect your help in solving them, and whatever is wrong with her finances is bound to cause you difficulty. If she has emotional baggage or issues from a previous relationship, you can bet these will affect you, and affect your ability to enjoy yourself and your new relationship. She will not let these issues lie. She will bring them up time and time again, because women thrive on drama and emotions. It makes no sense to claim the emotion center of a man’s brain is larger than that of a woman, on average, unless the bigger the area, the smaller the devotion to emotions, because every man knows (and has experienced the fact that) women are much more emotional than men. They make their decisions based on emotions. They tend to pout and whine like children. And they absolutely will not give a man any peace if they are angry and they want attention from him. Most women understand on an almost instinctive level that they have the power to deprive a household of peace and happiness, because if they didn’t, there would be no audience for the old saying, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” Well, it’s absolutely true, and there isn’t a husband or a boyfriend alive who has not experienced it. If your woman is angry with you, you’re not going to be able to enjoy anything in your life until she has been appeased.

Every woman, in fact, enjoys the supreme power of depriving a household of peace. That ability to take your peace away is what makes women so powerful in a relationship. Say you just want to come home from a long day at work and relax and enjoy what little time off you have before you have to go into work again. A woman will rob you of that peace and enjoyment, hectoring you with her henpecking or just ignoring you and giving you the icy silent treatment. Most men don’t like spending time around someone who is actively angry at them, and that’s to say nothing of the women who occasionally try to get physical. That’s right: While men are often painted as the victims in domestic violence, it’s actually both men and women who get physical in relationships, in equal measure. In other words, fifty percent of the time, domestic violence is initiated by men. The other fifty percent of the time, it is initiated by women. That might be one of those parts of the brain that overlaps between men and women, because it’s an area of research where there is definitely no difference between males and females in how they approach life and each other.

What are some of the other ways that men and women are different? Well, entire books have been written (and arguably an entire industry has arisen) around the way women talk and communicate. Have you ever bought a book on how men communicate? No, you haven’t, and the reason this has never come up for you is because men communicate directly. The typical man says what he means and means what he says. He doesn’t speak in code and he doesn’t expect you to interpret what he says or translate it somehow. He uses only those words necessary to convey what he’s thinking. That’s how a man communicates in a nutshell. They are typically very direct, and the men who display those “overlapping” brains and who communicate like women are usually looked down on by their fellow males. We’ve all known that person around an office, for example, who’s always making back-stabbing or passive-aggressive comments, and who communicates in code and in layers because he will never come out and say directly what he means. Those “men” are always looked down on by actual men, who tire of trying to deal with someone whose words cannot be trusted and who never truly just says what he means.

Women always take things more personally than men, too, and they tend to be much more catty around each other. Have you ever had the misfortune of working in a mostly female office setting, or in any workplace that was mostly women? If you’ve ever worked in an office with mostly female employees, you know that the place was a nightmare of office politics. That’s because two women in an office setting can be friends, but three or more women in an office setting will always break off into pairs that put one of the women on the outside. These pairings with “enemies” will always break up and recombine, too, in and endless cycle of office politicking and gossiping that always makes an office much more unpleasant to be around. The typical male quickly gets very sick of this type of behavior, it’s very common in women. Yet we are told that women and men aren’t wired differently? That they don’t truly communicate differently? We know that’s not true. And we know that the average woman would admit it too, if she wasn’t so busy gossiping and playing politics... right?

But wait, there are still other differences between men and women that are hard-wired. Take the grudges that men and women tend to hold. The average man will typically let a grudge go after only a short while. It’s not unusual for men who have fought to become friends. Even if things come to physical blows (and perhaps especially if they do), things are easily resolved among men with a minimum of fuss. Men tend to get physical. Think in terms of the way fraternities and sororities do hazing. Fraternities, or Greek college organizations for men, tend to be much more physical in their hazing. They put a lot of stress on physicality and athleticism. Women, by contrast, tend to be much more emotional or mental in their hazing. They play mind games and they lean on each other emotionally rather than physically. This is yet another widely recognized difference between men and women. Yet the scientists who looked at some brains would like to try and tell us that this does not happen. They want us to believe that it simply is not true, that it’s all in our imaginations. Does that make any sense to you?

The list of differences that are observable between men and women go on and on. If men and women’s brains aren’t different, their bodies certainly are. There are a number of professions that are dominated by men, where there are very few women employees. You have heard this before and you’ve probably been told it’s an example of sexism in the workplace, that there is an unfair institutional bias against women that works to pay them less and also deny them opportunity. The idea is supposed to be that men are trying to preserve their good old boys network at the expense of opportunities for women, but the fact is, the reality is different. Women don’t get paid less than men for the same work when you factor in differences in education and time in the workforce. In other words, men and women go to college at roughly the same numbers for certain types of high-paying professions, but then women voluntarily leave the workforce in order to have children. There is also a difference in the number of women out there who have degrees suited to finding high-paying work. Once you adjust for these differences, the supposed “wage gap” disappears. And those male dominated professions we mentioned? They’re things like working in coal mines, and fighting fires, and so on. They are horrible, physically demanding jobs like sanitation work and so on that require male strength and male endurance to do. Women aren’t typically attracted to these jobs because they are so horrible. Men do them because they need to get done and because men have the strength and courage to do them.

So where do men and women stand in the final analysis? Men are more aggressive, certainly, and women can be more passive aggressive. Sexual roles do exist for a reason. They are a reality. And however they occur, it’s true that men and women do differ and we can see this difference (and obviously so). The typical man desires feminine companionship, and this goes without saying. It’s a reality that all men face. Men are not satisfied to be alone with themselves. They want to be with women and they want to be with beautiful women. This always puts them at a disadvantage with women, because on some level, women know that men desire this. They know the power they have over us and they know that we want to be near them. So men are always looking for women to be with. The escort advantage is that you can spend time with beautiful women without dealing with any of the differences we’ve just been talking about. Yes, men and women are different, but one thing is definitely true about women who are also professional entertainers, and that is that they have learned, and been trained, to use their differences to YOUR advantage. Instead of insisting that you conform to their whims and do as they demand, our professional entertainers do everything in their power to put you first and see to it that your needs are satisfied.

Do you remember the last time that you went out on a date with a beautiful woman and actually enjoyed it? If you’ve done so in recent memory it was probably pretty stressful, because the ways men and women differ put a lot of pressure on you as a man when you are trying to please a woman and persuade her to let you take her out again. When you hire a beautiful, professional escort, you are suddenly free to stop worrying about those things. That’s because it becomes your escort’s job to see to it that you have a good time. She will put your needs and wants first. You do not have to try an impress her. You do not have to try and persuade her to let you see her again. If you like her and you want to book her time again in the future, you are free to do so. If you would like a little variety, even go out with more than one woman at the same time, you can do that, too. In fact, many men finally achieve the fantasy of going out on the town with a beautiful girl on each arm when they finally take the time to book two girls through our service. You don’t have to stop at just two young ladies, either. You could go out with multiple young women if it fits into your budget, and you could finally start living like one of those social media playboys -- the ones who are always taking pictures of themselves surrounded by a bevy of scantily clad girls.

Are you ready for the fantasy of being with a woman who actually cares about what you want and what you need? Are you tired of dealing with the ways men and women are different, which complicates your life when you are trying to find a non-traditional woman to date or have a short- or long-term relationship with? Are you tired of researchers telling you that these differences don’t exist, when you have clearly experienced them each and every time you’ve gone out to a club or a bar? We know how much you have suffered trying to do dating the hard way, the old-fashioned way. We’d like to give you another option, a way of finally getting the feminine companionship you have always wanted, on your terms and on your schedule.

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Have you ever wondered if you could date a girl who took money for sex? Would it change your opinion of a girl who traded money for sexual favors? What if she sold herself for as little as a few dollars? What if her asking price for sex with her as little as the price of a sandwich? Well, you may have heard of all the terrible economic problems they’re having in the nation of Greece. And you may not have stopped to consider just what that’s doing to a nation so deeply in debt, suffering such crushing poverty and unemployment, that many people who could otherwise work simply can’t get jobs. In that environment, healthy young women are turning to the one asset that every woman has. They’re giving it up because they need to eat, and the price has gone shocking low in a nation that has already been suffering under austerity budgets for more than half a decade.

A recent study looked information compiled on seventeen thousand sex trade workers in the Greek area. At one time, Greece’s prostitution market was glutted with European immigrants. Women from Eastern Europe were leaving impoverished and less advantaged nations in their part of the world and coming to Greece, seeking a better life. These women turned to prostitution as women without means naturally do. A woman with no skills who has a decent body can always turn to selling herself to get by, after all. That’s one of the reasons it’s called the “world’s oldest profession.” In fact, there’s a famous research story that illustrates this concept. It seems that a group of researchers were experimenting with chimpanzees. The chimps were given certain tasks to do, such as operating simple puzzles, that constituted work. The more work they did, the more credits they received in the form of chips that could be used as “money.” They could trade the chips for food and other treats that they enjoyed. Well, the longer the study went on, the more researchers started to notice something very interesting: The female chimpanzees stopped working. Soon, it was only the male chimps that were working.

It turns out that the female chimpanzees had discovered the “world’s oldest profession.” They were holding out to have sex with the male chimpanzees until the males gave them some of the chips. So soon the only ones earning chimps were the males, and they were trading these to the females in exchange for sexual favors. It’s almost like the urge to “pay for it” is hardwired into our genetic makeup. Even chimpanzees, distant relatives to people, have this urge and understand it. Even they understand that a female can exchange her favors for items of value, and them males seem perfectly okay with this arrangement. Well, the face of “paying for it” is changing in Greece, because now, the majority of prostitutes in Greece are not impoverished Eastern European immigrants. They are now the Greek women themselves.

Research from Greece indicates that the going rate for sex with a Greek hooker is a mere fifty bucks, give or take a little bit of exchange rate where the euro currency is concerned. At least, that was the going rate several years ago when the Greek economic crisis started. Now, with year after crushing year of bad economic news, the rate has fallen to as little as a couple of euros for half an hour of sex. Greek women are now 4 out of every 5 of the prostitutes in Greece, which means the overwhelming majority of Greek citizens are feeling the pain of the economic issues gripping that nation. Sex researchers say that the problem seems to be getting worse, too: More and more women are charging less and less for sex, which means now, you can get half an hour of sex with a Greek prostitute for just the cost of a sandwich. The cost of sex is going down all across Europe, too, even in areas of Europe that aren’t affected directly by the Greek economic issues, because of the ripple effect of the nation’s financial woes.

What you may not realize is that prostitution is perfectly legal in Greece. To operate a legal brothel, though, requires a license. This means that many of the nearly twenty thousand prostitutes in Greece are forced to work on the streets, rather than as licensed and registered sex workers in the legal brothels. Fortunately, there isn’t a lot of underage prostitution in the country. Most Greek women operating as prostitutes fall in age between 17 and 20... although there are exceptions. A Greek mom was sentenced to 33 years in prison in Greece when she was caught pimping her twelve-year-old daughter to older men, including a priest. In Greece, that woman is known as the “monster mom,” and her act of prostituting her daughter caused widespread outrage all across the troubled country.

So what does all this mean to the average guy here in Vegas? We’re no strangers to legal prostitution here in Vegas, and legal brothels are visited by many visitors to the area. But what would change if the nation found itself wracked with debt and cascading financial problems as has happened in Greece for years... with no end in sight for the troubles there? What if the dating pool of women available in your area was deeply affected by long-term financial problems? There’s a good chance, in a situation like that, that you could find yourself trying to date someone who has been paid for it before, or who could end up needing to get money for it just to survive. A woman you date could find herself in that situation easily if financial problems in your area persisted. You might then have to ask yourself if you could continue dating a woman who was that desperate for it... or who wanted to charge you for it because that was the only work she could get. It’s not work as such, of course, but it’s the only means some desperate women have.

A very compelling argument can be raised for allowing legal sex. As George Carlin once said, “Selling is legal, fucking is legal; why isn’t selling fucking legal?” Well, in a greater sense, allowing a woman to sell her own body isn’t something a government can allow or disallow unless it claims ownership to you. What is ownership? It is access rights, fundamentally. If you own a piece of land, you get to say who goes onto that land and who stays off it. Your ownership of that land constitutes an access right that determines who has access to it. You own the wallet in your pocket and the money in that wallet. If someone takes it without your permission, that’s a crime in our society. That crime is a crime because you are the one who controls access to your wallet and your money. So, stop and think about what selling sex is, for a woman who chooses to sell (or, more accurately, rent) her body. She is granting access to her body to someone who is willing to trade money for that privilege. Is she not the owner of her body? Does she not get to grant access to it? Now stop and ask herself: If the government can tell her who can and cannot have access to her body, and under what circumstances, isn’t the government telling her what she can do with her body? Wouldn’t that constitute the government asserting a kind of ownership right to that woman? If you stop and think about it, this may actually be the case. This means that if you don’t let a woman sell her body, you’re basically trying to make her a slave. At least, that’s how it looks “on paper,” in terms of a logical argument. It’s an interesting way to look at things. It gives you an interesting perspective on the very notion of whether it would be okay for a woman to grant access to her body, and it makes the whole process a little more humanized. Anything that promotes understanding between the sexes is a good thing, after all.

So, what is a man looking for in a woman? Could the average man accept a woman who had been paid for it, or who was looking to get paid for it? What does a man want in a woman? The better question to ask would be, why would a man choose to go to a prostitute for sex? Is prostitution the sole domain of men who cannot get sex any other way? Looked at it from that angle, sex for hire is almost a public service, is it not, giving men who could not otherwise get intimacy a chance to be close to women who are getting something of value from the interaction. But the fact is that many men who could otherwise get sex sometimes turn to prostitution simply because “paying for it” gives them options and opportunities they cannot get any other way. Ask yourself about a certain very famous, handsome English actor whose mug shot became quite famous when he was arrested for patronizing a street prostitute.

This was a man who was exceptionally wealthy. He lived in a nice house with one of the most beautiful actresses you could ever want to be with, a woman who was so famously sexy that she was the sort of woman other men fantasized about. This man, who was living with one of Hollywood’s most desirable women, one day went out of his house and, instead of purchasing the services of a high-priced call girl, simply propositioned a street hooker... and he got caught. The expression on his face in his mug shot was legendary. He was also one of the first actors who perfected the art of the “apology tour,” going onto late night television to express his sorrow for what he did wrong and try to rehabilitate his image. It was a historic moment in entertainment history and a historic moment in television. But the question remained: Why would such a man, a man easily handsome enough to have an affair if he wanted to have one, a man who was living with one the most smoking hot women in entertainment, go to a skanky street walker?

Well, the question was easily answered by anyone who was straight. The English actor turned to a streetwalker because even though he had one of the most beautiful and sexy women in the world at home, he was tired of dealing with her. He wanted something simple and easy. He wanted to feel good when he wanted to feel good, on his terms and on his timetable. You know the old saying, “No matter how hot she is, somewhere in the world is a guy who is tired of dealing with her crap?” Well, the English actor absolutely exemplified this. Remember that these two were in a long term relationship. Name a woman in the world who doesn’t stop putting out on the regular when she’s in a long-term relationship and we’ll call her a national treasure. While the woman in question was certainly very sexy, there is no guarantee she was handling this man’s needs at all. In fact, you could argue that if he was horny enough to go out and find himself a twenty-dollar street hooker, he probably wasn’t having his needs handled at all. The spectacle surrounding the whole incident was sordid enough that the hooker in question even got her fifteen minutes of fame out of the deal. She has done various documentaries over the years, most recently a few years back, and is estimated to have made a million and a half dollars from all the publicity surrounding her arrest with the actor. She even put her daughters through private school. At last count, she was supposedly pursuing a career in music.

So what is it about a working girl that attracts a man? It’s the exact same thing that attracts a man to a legal escort service, in that every man wants to have the company of a beautiful young woman... but he wants it on his terms. The old-fashioned way of dating and meeting women puts the average man at a disadvantage and leaves him, more often than not, with nothing to show for his time and money. If he goes out to bars and clubs trying to meet women, chances are good he’s going to blow all kinds of money and time hanging around those bars and clubs, hoping for a woman to come along who is worth talking to. When he spots one, he has to try and chat her up to the best of his ability, which is frequently a challenge in a crowded night spot. Women tend to travel in groups, and a woman’s friends always seem to delight in interfering when you try to talk to her. There will be loud music, bad lighting, and overpriced drinks. You’ll spend a fortune on cover charges and on buying drinks for women in an effort to break the ice and get their attention. If you do come away with a phone number, you then have to do this dance in text messages where you try and convince her to go out with you. You spend hour after pointless hour trying to figure out what the messages mean. If you do get to convincing her to go out on a date with you, then your problems have only just begun. How is that, you may be wondering? Well, now you’ve got to convince her to go out on a date with you again. That’s what dating is, at that stage. It is going out with someone in order to persuade them to go out again.

Think of the time and money you’ll spend when you’re out on those dates. You buy dinners, you buy theater tickets, you buy tickets to other entertainment venues, and the whole time, you have to be on your best behavior. At any time, you could say or do something that offends her or otherwise makes her want to bail out on you. If she walks out on you, if at any time she decides you’re not worthy of her, then you’re out all the time and money you spent up to that point just trying to get to that point. It’s an immensely frustrating feeling to know all your time and money has been wasted and you still aren’t any closer to a short- or long-term relationship than you were when you started. Well, you can leave all that behind when you hire a beautiful professional entertainer from Our girls are all very friendly, very cooperative, and happy to get to know you, but more importantly, when you book them, you can do it when is convenient for you. You are no longer beholden to a woman’s whims. You no longer have to do what she says, or jump when she says to jump, or ask how high. Now, all you have to do if you want to spend time with a lovely lady is look through the pages of our gorgeous escorts, pick out the one that turns you on the most, and let us know what your selection is. If you don’t see someone who turns you on as completely as you’d like to be, or if you find someone you’d like but you find out she’s already booked for the time that you need your escort for, that’s okay. We can work with that. We can reach out to our extended network of Las Vegas escorts and find someone we think you’ll like every bit as much as your first choice. In fact, we are such skilled matchmakers when it comes to finding suitable escorts for our clients that you may just like our pick better than whomever you were originally thinking of booking. Regardless, your escort will be gorgeous. She will be friendly. She will be sexy. She will be fun and flirty and oh so delicious. And we know what we’re talking about when we say she will be sexy, because fulfilling our clients’ fantasies is what we’re all about. We are a service oriented business and your pleasure is that business. We want you to be happy. We want you to be able to enjoy the female companionship you have been looking for without distractions. That, finally, is what escorts are all about, and it’s why men turn to professional women rather than deal with their amateur wives and girlfriends. It's because our girls know how to treat a man. They know how to focus on him completely. They know how to give them their attention without distractions, and they know how to treat a man with respect. Most men today have not been shown the respect they so richly deserve. Our girls will do that for you. Our girls will show you respect and will gladly treat you as you were meant to be treated. Everything about our service beats traditional dating in every conceivable way. Are you ready to date on your timetable, according to when is convenient for you? Are you ready to take back the power in your relationships and actually enjoy yourself again? When was the last time going out with a woman was actually fun for you? We can give you back that sense of fun and excitement. We can restore the pleasure that dating should be. Spending time with a beautiful woman should be stimulating, fun, and exciting. It should never be stressful and nerve-wracking. Yet traditional dating is very frequently very stressful because of all the pressure placed on you. You can do away with that stress and pressure when you book our sexy escorts. Contact us today so that we can make arrangements for you. Our girls absolutely cannot wait to hear from you.

You know that it’s a pretty scary world out there, and if you aren’t practicing safe sex, you probably should be. Studies show that wrapping it up is great for your sexual health. In other words, condoms work, and when you use them every time, they let you have a great time without any nasty, negative consequences. We’re not just talking about STDs, either. We’re talking about preventing pregnancy. As it turns out, though, there’s another great reason to want to prevent pregnancy with your lady, no matter who she is, and that is shown by a new study in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior.

According to the study, if a woman waits to get pregnant and have her first child until she’s in at least her mid-twenties, the chances that she will enjoy good health by the age of 40 are increased. The frustrating thing about studies like this is that they often don’t explain why the change in health is there. We don’t really know what caused it. We just know that, statistically speaking, when you compare the two age groups, the group that waits to have kids is more likely to be in good health than the group that doesn’t wait. So what does that mean to you?

Well, first of all, guys, you shouldn’t be running out in a hurry to knock up anyone, and that’s true whether you’re in your early twenties or you’re farther along the depressing trail to your inevitable death. Hey, mortality is what we’re talking about, right? So let’s put it right there on the table and start dealing with it like adults. The fact is, you only get one go-round in this world. Are you really that eager to saddle yourself with a child when you’re in your early twenties? And when you get a little older, you need to ask yourself if knocking up a twenty-year-old is something you want to do. Let’s look at each of these scenarios in turn, and we can do that without even beginning to look at the idea of what is good for the health of the mother. That argument will come into play later, but first, let’s just look at each scenario from the standpoint of you as a man. In this scenario we’re going to assume you’re not married (because that’s an entirely different conversation we need to have).

So, let’s talk about the twenty-something young man. When you’re just starting out, it’s very tempting to think you need to get everything lined up and get married at a young age. After all, your parents, or more likely their parents, were all about getting things lined up early like that. They got married out of high school sometimes, and much more frequently they got married out of college (often after meeting there). In their early twenties they started families, often having two or three kids with a year or three between them. By the time their kids were old enough to go to school, both parents were working toward the American dream. They bought a starter home and started amassing giant piles of debt (depending on whether they were saddled with student loan debts). And that’s how they lived their lives, year after crushing year, digging deeper into the fabric of suburbia, working toward the day they would eventually retire (so you could visit them at Christmas and maybe over the summer with your own two or three kids, now their grandchildren).

The problem with that version of the American dream is how incredibly linear it is. It doesn’t allow for anything out of the ordinary. It doesn’t permit you to vary from the template even a fraction of a degree. If you have dreams, when is there time for them? If you have aspirations, when do you get to work on them? You’re running on rails, heading straight toward the horizon that is your future, with very little to set your life apart from the next guy’s. Yes, you’ll have a nice house in the suburbs. You’ll have a nice car that is probably a minivan. When you get a little older you may even buy a sports car because you can afford it. But will that car help you recapture the youth that you lost? Or will it just remind you of everything you wanted to do that you never got a chance to do?

A young man in his twenties should be doing so much more than just getting locked into marriage and family at a young age. He should be traveling and seeing the world. He should be indulging his dreams no matter how wild they might be, trying the things he has not yet had the courage to try. The point is that he doesn’t want to look back on his youth as wasted. After your twenties, you start to slow down. Your body starts to slowly betray you. A man of 50 is not capable of nearly the physical feats that a man of 20 finds just the ordinary course of business. And even if you stay in shape, even if you work out, you’re going to find it increasingly challenging to function at 50 the way you did at 20. This is just a fact of life. So do you really want to become a father at 20 years old? The thing about kids, of course, is that they have to become your top priority. You had them, and now you have to take responsibility for raising them. If you don’t, you don’t just risk turning out kids who are not the greatest or most productive citizens in the world. That’s a risk even if you do anything right, but that risk increases if you start taking shortcuts. No, the bigger problem is that if you don’t do a good job of parenting your kids, if you don’t put in the massive amounts of time and energy required to raise children (which leave little time, resources, or energy left over for your own dreams), then you risk turning out kids who look at you as a bad father. You create children who have horrible childhoods and who will resent you forever for doing that to them.

Well, unless you are a monster, you don’t want to do that. You don’t want to raise a child just to have them resent the job you did not raising them, do you? That means you’ve got to devote all the time and energy and resources it takes to give them every possible opportunity. You’ve got to give them the best part of your life and all of the best years of your life. That starts form the moment they are born and it lasts for the next eighteen to twenty-one years. Everything that happens in between is you trying to equip that child to face the world, and all you can do after all those years of time, effort, and worry is hope that you did a good enough job that their own mistakes won’t be devastatingly bad to them. That’s the dilemma that is being a parent. It is all-consuming and it is not something to be taken lightly. All this means that you have to seriously consider when you are willing to cut off your dreams and start working for someone else. The only logical choice is to make the best possible life for your child. Otherwise, you’re just a terrible parent. So that means you’ve got to really put the time into making your kid’s life the best possible life it can be... and that requires your total attention.

Have we made our point yet? Are you prepared to do what needs to be done to raise that child? If you’re not, you need to consider putting off having children until you’ve gotten things out of your system. And by “things,” we mean all that stuff you were thinking you wanted to do with your life before your life became all about raising a child. There’s a very thick, very bold dividing line between the life of a single man without children and the life of a man who is a father. No matter what you think you know about parenting, forget it until you actually have a kid of your own. being a parent is not something you can just theorize about. It’s not something you will truly understand until it’s actually happened to you, and then when it does it’s going to change your life completely. So what about all that stuff you wanted to do? What about all those dreams you had? And... what about all that sex you’re giving up?

We’re not talking about the sex your wife won’t give you once you put a ring on her finger, although it is a fact that one of the fastest ways to stop a woman from wanting to have sex is to marry her. We’re talking about all that sex you could be having if you weren’t a father. Because while it’s possible to keep sleeping around and playing the field once you’ve got a “baby mama” in the house, isn’t likely unless you want to be the sort of deadbeat dad who isn’t seeing his child anyway. Most women aren’t very understanding about you sleeping around if they have a child with you, and most women with any self-respect are going to insist that you drop all your other side pieces and stick with them if you want to successfully co-parent your child with that woman. What’s more, that is not an unreasonable request at all. We don’t think it’s too terribly much to ask that you stick by the woman you are raising a child with, and if you want to see your kid regularly and have a hand in parenting him or her, it’s in your best interests to keep your lady happy. But you need to ask yourself, if you’re thinking of stepping out on your lady while you’re raising a child with her... why is that? Well, we imagine it’s because you settled down too early. You didn’t play the field while you had a chance and now you’re suffering for it. You didn’t get your desire to date and spend time with lovely women out of your system, and now you are feeling that urge when you’re already committed to a different lifestyle altogether.

The way to handle all of this is to absolutely get those urges out of your system. Do you want to spend time with sexy, beautiful women? Do you one day think of starting a family and having a child or children... but not right now? Well, you may be thinking that if things get serious with a young lady in your life, the having children part is mandatory. That’s only partly true. Yes, it will happen eventually, especially if you aren’t careful about things like birth control and safe sex. (They call it “safer sex” these days because they don’t want you thinking anything is guaranteed, but the fact is, condoms work, so you should be using them.) But every man goes through a period of time during which all he really wants is to experience sexual diversity. He doesn’t want to be tied down. He doesn’t want to have a lot of obligations put on him. He just wants to be able to enjoy himself, and he wants to experience as many different women as he can, in as short a time as possible. This is the “sowing your wild oats” portion of your youth. Every man has it and every man wants it. More significant, though, is what happens if a man wants it and doesn’t get to have it.

In other words, if you get together with a woman right out of college, and especially if you two are exclusive because she’s the mother of your child and/or you married her, you never got to have that wild time where you got that desire to be with different women out of your system. There was a time when a man was expected to be a virgin before his wedding night. That has not been the case for a long time, but there are, in fact, men who never have sex with any woman other than their wives, often because the two had sex as boyfriend and girlfriend and then ended up married. Without that time to get his desire for sexual diversity out of his system, a man’s thoughts will often turn to an affair after he’s been in his committed relationship for a while. It doesn’t matter if he has kids or not, either. His desire for “some strange” will get the better of him eventually. That’s what they used to call the “seven year itch,” as men who have been married for just long enough to realize they’re never going to have sex with anyone else ever again start to wonder if the grass might not be greener on the other side of the fence.

In your early twenties is the perfect time to start using a service like ours. You ought to have the chance to meet as many different sexy, beautiful women as possible. The more of them you meet, the greater the chances you’ll make a connection with someone. You’ll get comfortable being around beautiful women, sure, and that will also increase your confidence, which has benefits across the rest of your life and relationships. The more confident you are, the stronger you will seem, and the more attractive the opposite sex will find you to be. This all seems pretty obvious to us. If you want to settle down and have children, that’s fine, but don’t do it now. Do it later. Not only will it be better for your lady’s health, as shown by the study we cited, but it will be better for your mental wellbeing and for the health of your long-term relationship. Don’t force yourself to adopt a lifestyle you’re not yet ready to commit to. Put off having children until you’re more mature and more ready to settle down... and when you’ve already built plenty of great memories, such as with our sexy escorts, to keep you warm on those long nights ahead when she has a headache or she’s just not that into you anymore.

Remember, too, that waiting until you are older to have children has serious financial advantages. The older you are, the more stable you will be financially, and the more resources you will have to properly take care of that child. While it’s true that money can’t buy happiness, it sure does take the sting out of being poor. The more time you spend building up your career, acquiring assets, and making a good life yourself, the better off your child will be. Young couples starting out often have very little in the way of material resources, and they often live in small, cramped housing that is in neighborhoods that are less than ideal because that is what they can afford. There is no need to add to your financial burdens by having a child when you’re struggling to support just yourselves... and there is no reason to force a child to grow up in relative poverty if, by waiting a few years, you could be much better off. Raise your child in a home with a yard, something you can afford after a few years of working and building a credit history and a salary history. It will make all the difference in the world to that healthy, happy child, and you will be better off too because you’ll know you’ve done everything you can to give that child all of the material benefits possible. It’s very satisfying to know that you are properly providing for someone. It gives you a sense of achievement. These emotions also help compensate you for the things that you lose when you become a parent, namely your freedom and your focus on your own dreams.

That is the upshot of all of this. Your child must become your sole focus when he or she is born. That means that whatever dreams or aspirations you have for yourself must necessarily go by the wayside. When you become a parent, it’s no longer about you. Now it’s all about that kid, and you’ve got to put in the time and energy needed. Your own goals must become taking care of your child. The time to get the band back together, travel the world, or bed a hundred women in a hundred days is when you are young and unattached, not when you are a parent with a child to care for. This is why you should be delaying having children, and the benefits to your lady’s health are really just a side benefit, an ancillary thing.

So, the fact is, it’s better for both of you if you wait until at least your mid-twenties to have kids. That doesn’t seem like so long when you think about all the great years of fun and excitement you could be having. There’s a lot of you want to do between now and the rest of your life, right? Well, allow time for all of it. And above all else, allow time to meet and spend time with some of the most gorgeous and sexy ladies in the area. Our Vegas escorts are some of the most lovely young ladies you’ll ever have the opportunity to spend time with. If you have a lot of things you want to do in this life, make time for these hot women. Later in life, when you’re finally ready to settle down, you won’t be sorry you did. And if you’ve already settled down and you’re ready for something different, well, we’re here for you in that case, too. Contact us today and let’s get this party started. You won’t regret it.


Do you take recreational drugs? Do you like to party? Chances are you see yourself ending up with a party girl. What you may not realize is that not every woman is wired to party in quite the same way you are. That’s actually the case because of the difference between the two of you sexually, not just because of your personality individually. According to a recent study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 54.1 percent of men admit that they’ve used “illicit” drugs, while only 44.5 percent of women admit it. There are some interesting statistics about what those men and women take, too. About one in every ten men uses depressants, such as sleeping pills, compared to a slightly lower percentage of women. Half of men smoke pot, but only about a third of women do. Men are almost twice as likely to do “hard” drugs like coke or heroin, compared to women.

It’s been said that you don’t want a woman who doesn’t drink if you’re a drinker. The idea is that over time, the fact that you enjoy something she does not will drive a wedge between the two of you if you attempt to have a longer-term relationship. (Obviously, it doesn’t matter if you date someone casually and they don’t drink, or don’t like other hobbies that you do like, because they won’t be around for that long.) It’s interesting to consider the implications for men and women when it comes to doing drugs and partying because the two are so often closely aligned. What we mean is, you don’t have to take drugs to be a partier and to enjoy being social with other people, but the difference in male and female attitudes towards drugs underscores the difference between male and female attitudes toward partying and having a good time.

Think back to when you were in college, if you were. For some of you, that won’t be too hard. You may recall that while there were plenty of people there who enjoyed partying, getting down, and having fun, but which of them were the hardest partiers? We’ve all known that girl who just didn’t seem to know her limitations, but chances are good that the of all the people you knew back then, the guys were the ones who really went at it the worst. There’s just something in a guy’s makeup that makes him a hard partier, or more likely to be, especially compared to a woman. It may even be simply that women are smaller than men, on average, and thus men can consume more alcohol and even illicit drugs at a higher tolerance level than women can. Of course, we’re not looking to promote illicit drug use. If you use them, that’s your business, and the impact on your health is also your business. No, we’re looking instead at what this study about drugs tells us about the ways women and men like to spend their leisure time.

One of the serious implications, right off the bat, has further implications for how we do our business here at That is that when we select our beautiful, sexy, friendly escorts, we’re also looking for party girls. We’re looking not just for girls who like to have a good time, but for women who are out to enjoy themselves while keeping up with men who do the same. Not every client is looking to party hard, of course. Everybody is different. But becoming a Vegas escort means embracing a lifestyle that is one long party, non-stop, all day and night, every night of the week, every week of the month, and every month of the year. There are people who hear that and think that it sounds like the greatest life in the world. Certainly, that’s a selling point, and our girls enjoy a lot of free time. They all love knowing that it’s their job to have fun, to meet interesting new people, and to go out and have a good time with them. But it’s also the case that this job isn’t for everyone, almost because of all the fun involved.

It breaks down like this. Have you ever had one of those truly epic benders, the kind where maybe you went out on vacation or something and just partied for several days straight? All of us know what it’s like to indulge for a night or a weekend. We’ve all been to one of those wedding receptions that turned out blurry because we drank too much, and we’ve all hooked up with someone at a party before. But what about those truly awesome multiple day parties that never seem to end while you’re in the middle of them, the kind of weekend where one night of having fun just blends into the next just blends into the next? Don’t you remember what it felt like after an evening like that? If you remember it all, you probably remember that it felt pretty powerfully profound. You may have needed several days to recover and feel “normal” afterward. Most of us look back on that kind of thing with fond memories, and while we’re recovering, we get to savor the great moments we have just had. But now imagine that it’s your job to have that kind of fun, and every day, your income depends on you going out, meeting people, enjoying yourself, and having fun like that.

Could you do it? Most people at least want to try. But if you don’t have the stamina, the energy, and the positive outlook for a job like that, it will wear you down quickly. Someone who is not cut out to be a Vegas escort will quickly find themselves slowing down when they attempt that kind of pace. It’s important, therefore, to screen new escorts who come to us, and any we find when we’re going through the listings on Backpage and other sites, to find only the best professional entertainers for you. Part of the process of finding those entertainers involves screening them in a way that produces the best possible escort experience for you. That’s because we know what you want out of the escort experience. There’s a certain cynicism that has invaded this industry, or perhaps was always part of it, that can deeply affect the escort experience if a company is not diligent in trying to identify it, root it out, and prevent it from occurring. That is that when a girl merely tolerates a man, when she is just going through the motions, when she is only pretending to have a good time, he can sense it. He can feel it deep down, even if she does not say anything to give him that impression, and even if there is nothing obvious about her behavior or her conduct. This, quite frankly, ruins the escort experience for many a man, because he wants to know his company is genuinely, honestly enjoyable. He doesn’t just want to be tolerated, and he doesn’t want a woman who simply acts like she’s happy to meet and greet with him and spend time with him. He wants authenticity, and authenticity has many facets. Without it, an escort cannot rise above the competition the way our girls do. Without it, a pleasant time out with a beautiful girl becomes just another exercise in futility.

What it comes down to is honesty. Our girls are hand-selected for their ability to be honest and open with you. This does not mean they will not protect your privacy at all times. That’s another thing that our girls are very practiced at doing. From the first moment you get in touch with us, we are working to make sure your privacy and confidentiality are held in the highest regard. Your messages to us are always confidential and no one will ever know you hired us. We do not store any of your data, so there’s no way anything can be compromised. In fact, we have watched in horror as other websites have lost their important customer data to hackers. Since we don’t store anything about you, there is nothing to be compromised or lost. And we never share anything about you, or any element of your personal data, with third party spammers or junk mail listers. This is the first level of protecting your privacy, but it is only the beginning. The next is that we never discuss any of our clients with anyone outside the agency, period. The way we see it, who you choose to spend time with, and how you go about enjoying yourself romantically, is entirely your business. It’s nobody else’s and nobody should bother you about it. That’s why we make sure never to reveal anything to anyone about your time with us. But we take this a step farther by making sure our girls know never to bother you about your business, and never to reveal to anyone what they learn about you in the course of interacting with you. Our girls understand that your privacy is so important that they must never tell anyone about you, your visit with us, or anything else that you consider private. But more than that, they also don’t gossip about you amongst themselves. Normally, employees feel a certain freedom to talk to fellow employees, but we discourage that kind of talk among our girls specifically to go the extra mile and protect your confidentiality. Our respect for you, and your privacy, is total, which means we only keep on staff girls that understand how to treat you.

It is this desire to treat you right that lies at the core of everything we do. Our girls know, and we reinforce to them, that every client deserves a great time out no matter when he comes to us, and that means his girl must have the energy and the stamina to give him her all no matter what time of the month or day of the week it happens to be. He does not want a girl who is all turned out, worn out, and tired out. He does not want a girl who does not genuinely seem to be having a good time. It’s not that our girls would ever be unfriendly, of course, But the party lifestyle takes a toll, and it’s that same party lifestyle that we’re talking about when it comes to stamina. Our girls have to be able to hold up so they can be fresh and lovely for you. They have to be able to give you one hundred and ten percent, and if they can’t, they don’t stay with HotVegass. It’s as simple as that, and that is our commitment to you and to your satisfaction. We are all about client quality, about maintaining the quality of the client experience.

So what is your attitude towards partying as a man? Are you ready to charge at it full bore and take it on with everything you’ve got? You might be surprised to learn that our girls learn early on how to pace themselves. They are absolutely always down for a good time, but they also know that every man needs to be kept up with. They know they have to be able to hang in there for the long haul... and they absolutely love doing so. That’s the difference between our girls and the competition. When we say they absolutely love doing what they do, that they have absolutely embraced the twenty-four-seven party lifestyle, we mean that they have embraced this as a calling, as a vocation, and as what they prefer to do to spend their leisure hours. Not a lot of people get to enjoy as much fun during their “work” hours as they do during their play hours, but that’s what our girls enjoy, and that’s one of the reasons they are so much fun. A woman who thoroughly enjoys her life, who loves who she is and what she does for a living, is a woman who is happy and excited to meet new people. She is always fun and happy. She is engaging, friendly, and effervescent. This is the difference in a nutshell.

So, are you more likely to do drugs than your girlfriend? Is the average guy more likely to get reckless and crazy than his female counterpart? If you listen to the statistics, that’s certainly true, but perhaps it might be more accurate to say that men are just more serious about having a good time during those rare windows when they can have a good time. Stop and ask yourself how often you truly get away from it all. When do you actually have a vacation? When do you actually just let it all hang loose and do what you want? The average man spends most of his time working. From his earliest days he is socialized to this, told that a good man sacrifices his hopes, his desires, and his dreams for other people’s needs. He sacrifices for his family. He sacrifices for his children. He sacrifices for his woman, whether she is his girlfriend or his spouse. He sacrifices for his parents when they grow too old to take care of themselves. On and on it goes, and if he ever has a thought about his own needs and what he might like to have for himself, well, he’s told to tamp that back down. Other people’s needs come first.

Well, even a man who spends most of his life sacrificing and working for others will occasionally be able to take a vacation. Once in a while, he gets a free weekend. On occasion, he carves out a weekend to have for himself. Maybe he goes out with the boys carousing. Maybe he takes a real vacation to a resort or some other place warm to get away from a harsh winter. Maybe he finally gets a chance to book an escort and have the time of his life. Whatever the venue, whatever the event, most men will feel like they’ve got to cram years worth of the desire to have a vacation into a single burst of festive energy. They take that brief vacation period very seriously, and as a result, they tend to vacation harder, party harder, than most people would. Women generally have it easier in our society. The expectation for most women is that they’re going to find someone to take care of them, or that they at least have this option. A man who cannot fend for himself, who cannot provide for himself, doesn’t have many options, and will generally be considered a loser and a waste of space. So he’s got to do his thing despite the fact that on any given day he might need to take a vacation himself... and he can’t. So when he does get those rare windows of opportunity, he goes for it whole hog. He dives right in and he parties like there is no tomorrow. Where a woman might pace herself, a guy goes for it with all the gusto he can muster. That is why men are more likely to do drugs than women, or at least, that is one possible explanation. It makes perfect sense, when you consider all the stress the average guy is under.

The typical guy lives and breathes stress, in fact, He gets up too early in the morning after not sleeping enough at night. He drags himself to a job he probably hates, and there he lives on coffee and maybe energy drinks just to be able to keep his eyes open. He can’t afford to take any time off even if he wants to, and if he tries to call in after a long weekend has taken its toll, during which he probably worked at least part of the time, well, he gets so much grief and the threat of losing his job to such a degree that he probably just gives up on the entire idea altogether. During the day he puts up with coworkers he doesn’t like and who treat him rudely. He has to bow to a boss he probably doesn’t like, either, and he does all this for too little money. Given the way the economy is these days, he probably feels like he can’t leave and find another job, at least not easily, so he’s left kind of high and dry where that’s concerned, too. All in all it’s just not easy for the average guy to go about his day. But even when he gets out of work and goes home, fighting traffic the entire way, it’s not like when he gets there he will be doing any better. His family is usually ungrateful for all the work he does and they often give him grief in their ingratitude. So when he comes home he walks through the door and he’s instantly treated to more stress. Everything about his life makes him want a break, want a getaway, want something he can do to enjoy himself. But rarely can he actually do this for himself.

Booking one of our beautiful escorts is the perfect way to get away from it all. You don’t have to take drugs, you don’t have to party harder than you’ve ever partied before, and you don’t have to be reckless. Instead, you can build memories that last a lifetime. When you book one of our lovely girls, you get the best getaway you can have for the most cost-effective use of your money. Book one of our incredible escorts and you’ll instantly be transported to a world where you can be happy for the duration of your booking. Get away to the land you’ve always dreamed of. Have that vacation with that sexy lady. Do it all while never having to leave the city at all. Book our girls and get the best.

This blog is aimed at women so they can pleasure their man. However, more men then women read this blog so you can either teach your women or have them come here and read this. We all know that the most tried and true way to please a man is through his cock in whatever form you choose which is man dependent and includes oral and genital sex and its various forms and positions as highlighted in this blog. However, as we have also highlighted there is something to be said for the tension and build up that leads up to the moment of orgasm. Pleasuring a man before he orgasm doesn’t have to be only in the form of a blowjob.

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