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Wrap it up! Having Her First Child AFTER Her Mid-Twenties is Better for HER Health

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You know that it’s a pretty scary world out there, and if you aren’t practicing safe sex, you probably should be. Studies show that wrapping it up is great for your sexual health. In other words, condoms work, and when you use them every time, they let you have a great time without any nasty, negative consequences. We’re not just talking about STDs, either. We’re talking about preventing pregnancy. As it turns out, though, there’s another great reason to want to prevent pregnancy with your lady, no matter who she is, and that is shown by a new study in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior.

According to the study, if a woman waits to get pregnant and have her first child until she’s in at least her mid-twenties, the chances that she will enjoy good health by the age of 40 are increased. The frustrating thing about studies like this is that they often don’t explain why the change in health is there. We don’t really know what caused it. We just know that, statistically speaking, when you compare the two age groups, the group that waits to have kids is more likely to be in good health than the group that doesn’t wait. So what does that mean to you?

Well, first of all, guys, you shouldn’t be running out in a hurry to knock up anyone, and that’s true whether you’re in your early twenties or you’re farther along the depressing trail to your inevitable death. Hey, mortality is what we’re talking about, right? So let’s put it right there on the table and start dealing with it like adults. The fact is, you only get one go-round in this world. Are you really that eager to saddle yourself with a child when you’re in your early twenties? And when you get a little older, you need to ask yourself if knocking up a twenty-year-old is something you want to do. Let’s look at each of these scenarios in turn, and we can do that without even beginning to look at the idea of what is good for the health of the mother. That argument will come into play later, but first, let’s just look at each scenario from the standpoint of you as a man. In this scenario we’re going to assume you’re not married (because that’s an entirely different conversation we need to have).

So, let’s talk about the twenty-something young man. When you’re just starting out, it’s very tempting to think you need to get everything lined up and get married at a young age. After all, your parents, or more likely their parents, were all about getting things lined up early like that. They got married out of high school sometimes, and much more frequently they got married out of college (often after meeting there). In their early twenties they started families, often having two or three kids with a year or three between them. By the time their kids were old enough to go to school, both parents were working toward the American dream. They bought a starter home and started amassing giant piles of debt (depending on whether they were saddled with student loan debts). And that’s how they lived their lives, year after crushing year, digging deeper into the fabric of suburbia, working toward the day they would eventually retire (so you could visit them at Christmas and maybe over the summer with your own two or three kids, now their grandchildren).

The problem with that version of the American dream is how incredibly linear it is. It doesn’t allow for anything out of the ordinary. It doesn’t permit you to vary from the template even a fraction of a degree. If you have dreams, when is there time for them? If you have aspirations, when do you get to work on them? You’re running on rails, heading straight toward the horizon that is your future, with very little to set your life apart from the next guy’s. Yes, you’ll have a nice house in the suburbs. You’ll have a nice car that is probably a minivan. When you get a little older you may even buy a sports car because you can afford it. But will that car help you recapture the youth that you lost? Or will it just remind you of everything you wanted to do that you never got a chance to do?

A young man in his twenties should be doing so much more than just getting locked into marriage and family at a young age. He should be traveling and seeing the world. He should be indulging his dreams no matter how wild they might be, trying the things he has not yet had the courage to try. The point is that he doesn’t want to look back on his youth as wasted. After your twenties, you start to slow down. Your body starts to slowly betray you. A man of 50 is not capable of nearly the physical feats that a man of 20 finds just the ordinary course of business. And even if you stay in shape, even if you work out, you’re going to find it increasingly challenging to function at 50 the way you did at 20. This is just a fact of life. So do you really want to become a father at 20 years old? The thing about kids, of course, is that they have to become your top priority. You had them, and now you have to take responsibility for raising them. If you don’t, you don’t just risk turning out kids who are not the greatest or most productive citizens in the world. That’s a risk even if you do anything right, but that risk increases if you start taking shortcuts. No, the bigger problem is that if you don’t do a good job of parenting your kids, if you don’t put in the massive amounts of time and energy required to raise children (which leave little time, resources, or energy left over for your own dreams), then you risk turning out kids who look at you as a bad father. You create children who have horrible childhoods and who will resent you forever for doing that to them.

Well, unless you are a monster, you don’t want to do that. You don’t want to raise a child just to have them resent the job you did not raising them, do you? That means you’ve got to devote all the time and energy and resources it takes to give them every possible opportunity. You’ve got to give them the best part of your life and all of the best years of your life. That starts form the moment they are born and it lasts for the next eighteen to twenty-one years. Everything that happens in between is you trying to equip that child to face the world, and all you can do after all those years of time, effort, and worry is hope that you did a good enough job that their own mistakes won’t be devastatingly bad to them. That’s the dilemma that is being a parent. It is all-consuming and it is not something to be taken lightly. All this means that you have to seriously consider when you are willing to cut off your dreams and start working for someone else. The only logical choice is to make the best possible life for your child. Otherwise, you’re just a terrible parent. So that means you’ve got to really put the time into making your kid’s life the best possible life it can be... and that requires your total attention.

Have we made our point yet? Are you prepared to do what needs to be done to raise that child? If you’re not, you need to consider putting off having children until you’ve gotten things out of your system. And by “things,” we mean all that stuff you were thinking you wanted to do with your life before your life became all about raising a child. There’s a very thick, very bold dividing line between the life of a single man without children and the life of a man who is a father. No matter what you think you know about parenting, forget it until you actually have a kid of your own. being a parent is not something you can just theorize about. It’s not something you will truly understand until it’s actually happened to you, and then when it does it’s going to change your life completely. So what about all that stuff you wanted to do? What about all those dreams you had? And... what about all that sex you’re giving up?

We’re not talking about the sex your wife won’t give you once you put a ring on her finger, although it is a fact that one of the fastest ways to stop a woman from wanting to have sex is to marry her. We’re talking about all that sex you could be having if you weren’t a father. Because while it’s possible to keep sleeping around and playing the field once you’ve got a “baby mama” in the house, isn’t likely unless you want to be the sort of deadbeat dad who isn’t seeing his child anyway. Most women aren’t very understanding about you sleeping around if they have a child with you, and most women with any self-respect are going to insist that you drop all your other side pieces and stick with them if you want to successfully co-parent your child with that woman. What’s more, that is not an unreasonable request at all. We don’t think it’s too terribly much to ask that you stick by the woman you are raising a child with, and if you want to see your kid regularly and have a hand in parenting him or her, it’s in your best interests to keep your lady happy. But you need to ask yourself, if you’re thinking of stepping out on your lady while you’re raising a child with her... why is that? Well, we imagine it’s because you settled down too early. You didn’t play the field while you had a chance and now you’re suffering for it. You didn’t get your desire to date and spend time with lovely women out of your system, and now you are feeling that urge when you’re already committed to a different lifestyle altogether.

The way to handle all of this is to absolutely get those urges out of your system. Do you want to spend time with sexy, beautiful women? Do you one day think of starting a family and having a child or children... but not right now? Well, you may be thinking that if things get serious with a young lady in your life, the having children part is mandatory. That’s only partly true. Yes, it will happen eventually, especially if you aren’t careful about things like birth control and safe sex. (They call it “safer sex” these days because they don’t want you thinking anything is guaranteed, but the fact is, condoms work, so you should be using them.) But every man goes through a period of time during which all he really wants is to experience sexual diversity. He doesn’t want to be tied down. He doesn’t want to have a lot of obligations put on him. He just wants to be able to enjoy himself, and he wants to experience as many different women as he can, in as short a time as possible. This is the “sowing your wild oats” portion of your youth. Every man has it and every man wants it. More significant, though, is what happens if a man wants it and doesn’t get to have it.

In other words, if you get together with a woman right out of college, and especially if you two are exclusive because she’s the mother of your child and/or you married her, you never got to have that wild time where you got that desire to be with different women out of your system. There was a time when a man was expected to be a virgin before his wedding night. That has not been the case for a long time, but there are, in fact, men who never have sex with any woman other than their wives, often because the two had sex as boyfriend and girlfriend and then ended up married. Without that time to get his desire for sexual diversity out of his system, a man’s thoughts will often turn to an affair after he’s been in his committed relationship for a while. It doesn’t matter if he has kids or not, either. His desire for “some strange” will get the better of him eventually. That’s what they used to call the “seven year itch,” as men who have been married for just long enough to realize they’re never going to have sex with anyone else ever again start to wonder if the grass might not be greener on the other side of the fence.

In your early twenties is the perfect time to start using a service like ours. You ought to have the chance to meet as many different sexy, beautiful women as possible. The more of them you meet, the greater the chances you’ll make a connection with someone. You’ll get comfortable being around beautiful women, sure, and that will also increase your confidence, which has benefits across the rest of your life and relationships. The more confident you are, the stronger you will seem, and the more attractive the opposite sex will find you to be. This all seems pretty obvious to us. If you want to settle down and have children, that’s fine, but don’t do it now. Do it later. Not only will it be better for your lady’s health, as shown by the study we cited, but it will be better for your mental wellbeing and for the health of your long-term relationship. Don’t force yourself to adopt a lifestyle you’re not yet ready to commit to. Put off having children until you’re more mature and more ready to settle down... and when you’ve already built plenty of great memories, such as with our sexy escorts, to keep you warm on those long nights ahead when she has a headache or she’s just not that into you anymore.

Remember, too, that waiting until you are older to have children has serious financial advantages. The older you are, the more stable you will be financially, and the more resources you will have to properly take care of that child. While it’s true that money can’t buy happiness, it sure does take the sting out of being poor. The more time you spend building up your career, acquiring assets, and making a good life yourself, the better off your child will be. Young couples starting out often have very little in the way of material resources, and they often live in small, cramped housing that is in neighborhoods that are less than ideal because that is what they can afford. There is no need to add to your financial burdens by having a child when you’re struggling to support just yourselves... and there is no reason to force a child to grow up in relative poverty if, by waiting a few years, you could be much better off. Raise your child in a home with a yard, something you can afford after a few years of working and building a credit history and a salary history. It will make all the difference in the world to that healthy, happy child, and you will be better off too because you’ll know you’ve done everything you can to give that child all of the material benefits possible. It’s very satisfying to know that you are properly providing for someone. It gives you a sense of achievement. These emotions also help compensate you for the things that you lose when you become a parent, namely your freedom and your focus on your own dreams.

That is the upshot of all of this. Your child must become your sole focus when he or she is born. That means that whatever dreams or aspirations you have for yourself must necessarily go by the wayside. When you become a parent, it’s no longer about you. Now it’s all about that kid, and you’ve got to put in the time and energy needed. Your own goals must become taking care of your child. The time to get the band back together, travel the world, or bed a hundred women in a hundred days is when you are young and unattached, not when you are a parent with a child to care for. This is why you should be delaying having children, and the benefits to your lady’s health are really just a side benefit, an ancillary thing.

So, the fact is, it’s better for both of you if you wait until at least your mid-twenties to have kids. That doesn’t seem like so long when you think about all the great years of fun and excitement you could be having. There’s a lot of you want to do between now and the rest of your life, right? Well, allow time for all of it. And above all else, allow time to meet and spend time with some of the most gorgeous and sexy ladies in the area. Our Vegas escorts are some of the most lovely young ladies you’ll ever have the opportunity to spend time with. If you have a lot of things you want to do in this life, make time for these hot women. Later in life, when you’re finally ready to settle down, you won’t be sorry you did. And if you’ve already settled down and you’re ready for something different, well, we’re here for you in that case, too. Contact us today and let’s get this party started. You won’t regret it.


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