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Q. Is this legal?

A. Yes, Las Vegas escort services are legal. It’s important to remember that the service we offer is not Las Vegas call girls. We do not offer Las Vegas hookers. We do not even offer Las Vegas strippers (although some of our girls could be convinced to put on quite a show). We conduct all of our operations in full and complete accord with all applicable state, federal, and local laws. This is not a prostitution service and we do not arrange for or guarantee sex. When you book a Las Vegas escort through, what you do get is the complete focus and total attention of a sexy young woman... or more than one young woman, you want to book more than one woman at the same time. Whatever develops between the two of you after that is entirely up to you, and based very much on the sort of spark that the two of you manage. This is one of the reasons it’s so important to us that you pick someone who you really like and who turns you on. We include the necessary information in our biography pages so you’ll have some hope of doing so, on the theory that the more personally engaged you are with your young lady’s personality and appearance, the better your Las Vegas escort experience will be.

Q. How does this service work?

A. When you s to book a date with one of our Las Vegas escorts, we put you in touch with one or more of the beautiful women who work with us. It’s necessary for you and your Las Vegas escort or escorts to agree on someplace for you to meet. It should be a mutually agreed on location and could be a hotel, your home or apartment, some other public venue, or anywhere else that both of you agree to use. Then you just have to figure out how long you need to book your Las Vegas escort for, and we will coordinate your schedule and hers to make sure everything lines up. As for the appropriate duration, that depends on your schedule and your budget. If you’re going out for a typical night on the town, including the usual activities, like dinner, drinks, and dancing, then a few hours should be sufficient.

We understand, though, that maybe your schedule might be a little more complicated than a casual night out. If you need to book a few hours at a specific time or the day or night in between appointments, we may be able to do that for you, and we would like you to get in touch with us so we can talk to you about that. If you want to book your Las Vegas escort for a longer period of time, such as overnight, or for a weekend stay, or something to that effect, we can discuss this. What’s important is that you let us coordinate both your schedule and hers so that you both get the most out of your time together, and so you aren’t interrupted by her scheduling requirements and previous obligations. That’s one of the vital services that we perform as an agency: We coordinate your schedule and your preferences with the schedules of our lovely ladies, always finding the one that’s right for you.

Each time we hear from one of our clients is both an opportunity to improve our service and an opportunity to secure your repeat business. It is our genuine hope that you’ll enjoy your escort experience so much that you’ll come back again and again. Most of our clients discover that there really is no reason to engage in traditional, conventional dating once they go out with our girls, but being seen in the company of our beautiful ladies makes it much easier for them to get the attention of non-professional women if they do choose to go that route.

Q. Do I have to live in the area to use your service?

A. You don’t have to live in the local area in order to be able to use our service, no. Our clients run the gamut from people who are traveling to Las Vegas for business or tourism and those who live in the area and are regular clients. This is a very diverse and well-known city, and also a thriving hub of business and entertainment. Plenty of people travel here regularly as a tourist and vacation destination spot, so we are happy to cater to such visitors. There are also always lots of business travelers and business conventions in town, so our clients often are from these sets of Las Vegas visitors. But there are lots of people living here in Las Vegas, and they want feminine companionship too. We are always happy to hear from our regular clients and from clients who haven’t discovered us yet but who are poised to do so. Our girls absolutely love meeting new people, and they are happy to show you around the city if you have not ever been here. If you’re a Las Vegas native or just very familiar with the area, that’s okay too. Our girls would love to spend some time with you exploring all the delights that the fabulous Las Vegas area has to offer.

Q. Can I book more than one escort at once?

A. Of course you can. That’s actually a very common fantasy among men and we are happy to cater to it. Every man wants to be surrounded by multiple sexy women. Just take a look at today’s social media and image sharing sites and you’ll see plenty of rich and fabulous playboy types taking pictures of themselves surrounded by crowds of scantily clad women. Why do you think they do this? It’s to send the message that their fabulously wealthy lifestyles bring with them the attention of countless sexy babes, which is something that most men truly want in their lives. You might have thought such a lifestyle was beyond your reach, but when you book with us, at least for a little while, you can roll like these ballers do. When you book with us, you are letting us increase your access to all of the greatest things in the world where it comes to the companionship of women. will put you in touch with the most beautiful and desirable women in the area. Our young and lovely Las Vegas escorts are completely and totally dedicated to client satisfaction. When you book with us, you get their undivided attention. They will make sure you go home happy, and they will make sure you are pleased with your experience with us as a service overall. In fact, they will be so focused on your satisfaction that they will make you want to come back again. Our goal is to make every client a repeat client. Only when we have successfully forged a working relationship with you will be satisfied that we have truly done our jobs to the best of our ability.

We think every man deserves to have the experience of an attractive woman on each arm. Once you’ve tried it, you might decide you want to do it again. It’s certainly one of the better ideas we’ve heard in awhile. Talk to us today about booking multiple escorts to accompany you to the venue of your choice. We are happy to coordinate your schedule with those of our staff.

Q. What if I have special requests, like for an outfit I’d like my date to wear?

A. Special requests are really what the whole process of booking an escort is all about. That’s why we have so many women on our profile pages, after all. All men are different, and all of them prefer different things in a young woman. What is one guy’s cup of tea may not be what gets another man’s engine revving. You may have always had a certain fantasy scenario in mind, such as a type of clothing you want your Las Vegas escort to wear, or some other aspect of your date. Well, it’s okay to communicate these to us. We will make every effort to accommodate you, within reason. Our girls love to please the men with whom they spend time. That means that if they can enhance the experience by wearing something special, they will be happy to do so.

We also want you to tell us what you are looking for when it comes to the young lady herself. Every man has certain things he likes, involving things like skin color, breast size, facial features, and so on. Whatever it is that turns you on, don’t be shy about it. We will always take into account what you are looking for. We know that every man has fantasies and we will never judge you for them. We also won’t discuss with anyone what you ask of us. This is part of our ironclad professional guarantee where your privacy is concerned. We take your confidentiality very seriously, especially when it comes to your special requests.

Q. Will anyone know that I’ve used your service?

A. No, you’d have to tell them for that to happen. They certainly won’t hear it from us. We protect your privacy from the very first time you contact us. We will never reveal to anyone the fact that you did business with us. We will never sell your information to any third party, nor will we ever put you on some kind of spammer mailing list. The only records we keep are those necessary for billing purposes, so of course we aren’t storing any information that could become somehow compromised. We are not collecting any sort of demographic information. We are very serious about protecting your privacy and we will make sure that any of the girls you book with us are as serious about your confidentiality. We screen them all for their ability to protect your privacy, in fact, and we don’t keep a girl on staff if she can’t show us that she understands how vital confidentiality is to our business. We train all of our Las Vegas escorts accordingly because, honestly, a girl who can’t protect client privacy is not a girl we want to work with.

You should know that we think of protecting your confidentiality as an aspect of our respect for you. We have a great deal of respect for our clients. That is why we conduct ourselves in a professional and classy manner, and our girls will always do the same. These are not trashy Las Vegas call girls, even trashier Las Vegas hookers, or Las Vegas strippers looking to moonlight. Our girls are professional entertainers who understand their jobs and who will do everything they can to make sure you are happy with us and with them.

Q. What if I have a problem on my date?

A. We sincerely hope you don’t have any problems, but if you do, we want to hear about them. We will make every effort to address whatever it was that you found unsatisfactory. It’s very important to us that you get in touch with us if you have a suggestion, if you have a concern, if you have a question, or if there’s any other feedback you can bring us. Our business only does well when we can make repeat clients of those who come to us. We want to build lasting and meaningful relationships with all of you, and to do that, we’ve got to be responsive to the needs of our clients while also actively soliciting their feedback and making sure we address whatever we can as quickly and efficiently as we can.

If we can’t prove to you that we’re worthy of your time and your money over and over again, then we can’t prove it to you at all. We do not deserve to remain a going concern if that’s true. In reality, though, we will work diligently to show you that you can count on us. This all starts when you contact us. We can’t address any issues that you may have if you don’t get in touch with us but, more importantly, we can’t get the process started for you until you reach out to us. Our gorgeous women are just waiting to meet you and they want very much to spend time with you. They can’t do any of that until you contact us.

While we can’t guarantee an immediate response to every message, we do guarantee that your message will be read by someone on staff and we will make every possible effort to address it. We are more than happy to field your questions and concerns, your suggestions for how we can do a better job, and any other issues you may have. The earlier you contact us, the better able we are to find a good match for you and your schedule, but of course we also understand that last minute bookings or changes in plans sometimes do come up. We can’t do anything about all of this until you get in touch with us, though. Everything we do starts with that, so we urge you to reach out to us and let us start the Las Vegas escort service experience for you. You won’t be sorry.

Q. I’ve never done this before and I’m nervous. How do I handle it?

A. The wonderful thing about hiring a Las Vegas escort through is that you can leave everything up to us... and to her. While it is true that the first time you use our service, you have never done this before, she has done this many times and understands all of the ropes. She will walk you through the process, put your mind at ease, and help you relax. She will also give you any information you require to help you through the process the first time, and she will be more than happy to pass on any feedback, concerns, or suggestions you might have about us and our service (or about her).

Q. I’m worried I can’t afford your service.

A. When you compare the cost of our service to the hidden costs of traditional dating, we think you can’t afford NOT to book with us. Traditional dating simply isn’t time- or cost-efficient, and the number of hidden costs you will pay just trying to meet a woman in the first place can add up to quite a lot of money. You’ll be spending a lot of time in bars, going out to dinners, buying cards and flowers, and wasting countless hours that could have been spent productively... all just to meet a woman and see if you can secure a first date. If you do get that first date, you’ll practically go broke trying to impress her by taking her out to fancy locations and treating her to lavish meals and other entertainment like theater shows... all so you can get her to agree to let you go out with her again before the cycle starts over.

For a lot of guys, this is just a huge let-down that involves a lot of time and expense but has no guarantee of producing a useful outcome. All those hours disappear, and at the end of them, the typical guy is worse off than when he started and has almost nothing to show for his time, effort, and money. Is that a process you’re eager to undertake? We honestly don’t know why any guy puts himself through that. It just seems like far too much effort for far too little gain.

Q. Why do I need you? I could just go to the Las Vegas Backpage.

A. You certainly could try to find a female companion on your own... but do you really want to choose blindly, with no idea of what you are getting? Our screening process means you’ll get a much higher quality of girl with much less risk. You never know what you’re going to get from the Backpage, but you know exactly the level of respect and professionalism you’ll get from us. We urge you to contact us so that we can get the process started. We are always happiest when we are helping our clients. Let us help you and show you just how truly great our escort service can be.

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