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Study Says Men’s And Women’s Brains Aren’t All That Different... Or Aren’t They?

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You’ve heard it before: Men and women’s brains are “wired differently.” Maybe you believe it and maybe you don’t. Frankly, we would be very surprised if it was not true. Men and women certainly do seem different, and we have always assumed that those differences were indeed mental in nature. Men and women have always displayed differences in their preferences, in their abilities, in the way they communicate, and so on. But what causes these differences? Is it the way their brains are built entirely? Is it the way they are taught by society? Is it some combination of the above? In many ways, it’s hard to say, but there is significant research being done on the subject.

One hundred to two hundred years ago, there were scientists who used to claim that you could tell a male brain from a female brain. We now have research, though, that says just the opposite, and claims that our brains aren’t so neatly sexually categorized. There are certain brain formations that seem to be more common in males than females, and there are brain formations found in the brains of both men and women. This is a completely new field of research and there’s still a lot to be done, but neuroscientists are working hard to try and identify differences between the sexes in an effort to determine precisely how we are wired. Men, on average, have large amygdalas, which, ironically enough, are the sections of people’s brains associated with human emotion. There is a lot of data that seems to overlap between the sexes, though, and even more research being accomplished. A recent study of fourteen hundred people by behavioral scientists using magnetic resonance imaging techniques looked at how much “gray matter” was in the brain. Gray matter is what contains nerve cells. They also looked at the brains white matter, which connects the gray matter. The results were actually very interesting.

The memory part of the brain, called the hippocampus, was bigger in male brains than in female brains, but some women had more male-type hippocampuses, and some men had more female-type hippocampuses. It seems that male and female brains fall on a type of spectrum of brain formations, with no clear differences but lots of overlap. Anywhere between 23 percent and 53 percent of brains contained a mixture of what could be considered typical structures for males and females both. The researchers finally decided that there simply is no such thing as a male-type of brain and a female-type of brain. They even went so far as to claim that because of this, differences in how males and females behave are largely a myth, say the researchers, who claim that less than one percent of the people they tested exhibited only male or only female type behavior patterns.

The scientists got very excited about their research and decided that perhaps it meant a lot where it comes to gender-specific education, or the supposed hardwired behavior differences between males and females. Some of them went so far as to argue that sex should be eliminated as a variable when examining the brain (and when diagnosing brain disorders). There seems to have been kind of an agenda when it comes to the study and the analysis of it, if you ask us: These scientists seemed awfully eager to declare that there was no scientific evidence for the fact that men and women behave differently, and they then went so far as to claim that men and women, well, don’t behave differently. But is this a case where we should believe them? Or is it more likely that they are pursuing their own agenda because these conclusions validate the research they are doing?

Men and women are different. This is a fact, and it is borne out by any experience that any man has in this world. There isn’t a man in the world who hasn’t concluded that women are different in how they approach life and deal with things compared to men. If a hundred scientists look at a thousand brains each and claim they see no difference, does it stand to reason that this means men and women behave identically when they clearly do not? Or might it be the case that the men and women involved do, in fact, behave differently, but the scientists are eager to prove their own research? It seems ridiculous to think that we can just blithely declare men and women to be the same. And yet they have done so, so where does that leave us? It leaves us wondering how to reconcile the two. All you have to do is look at the reality of the issue, though, when it comes to how men and women interact. The fact is, women are very messy. Relationships are messy too. It’s often difficult to deal with them when it comes to non-professional, “amateur” women. Let’s look at why that might be.

The typical amateur woman, meaning a woman who is not a professional entertainer, brings all of her baggage and drama into a relationship. This means that she will expect you to solve her problems when she has them. She will bring those problems into the relationship when the two of you first get together. If she has money problems, well, guess what? Now you have money problems as well, in that she will expect your help in solving them, and whatever is wrong with her finances is bound to cause you difficulty. If she has emotional baggage or issues from a previous relationship, you can bet these will affect you, and affect your ability to enjoy yourself and your new relationship. She will not let these issues lie. She will bring them up time and time again, because women thrive on drama and emotions. It makes no sense to claim the emotion center of a man’s brain is larger than that of a woman, on average, unless the bigger the area, the smaller the devotion to emotions, because every man knows (and has experienced the fact that) women are much more emotional than men. They make their decisions based on emotions. They tend to pout and whine like children. And they absolutely will not give a man any peace if they are angry and they want attention from him. Most women understand on an almost instinctive level that they have the power to deprive a household of peace and happiness, because if they didn’t, there would be no audience for the old saying, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” Well, it’s absolutely true, and there isn’t a husband or a boyfriend alive who has not experienced it. If your woman is angry with you, you’re not going to be able to enjoy anything in your life until she has been appeased.

Every woman, in fact, enjoys the supreme power of depriving a household of peace. That ability to take your peace away is what makes women so powerful in a relationship. Say you just want to come home from a long day at work and relax and enjoy what little time off you have before you have to go into work again. A woman will rob you of that peace and enjoyment, hectoring you with her henpecking or just ignoring you and giving you the icy silent treatment. Most men don’t like spending time around someone who is actively angry at them, and that’s to say nothing of the women who occasionally try to get physical. That’s right: While men are often painted as the victims in domestic violence, it’s actually both men and women who get physical in relationships, in equal measure. In other words, fifty percent of the time, domestic violence is initiated by men. The other fifty percent of the time, it is initiated by women. That might be one of those parts of the brain that overlaps between men and women, because it’s an area of research where there is definitely no difference between males and females in how they approach life and each other.

What are some of the other ways that men and women are different? Well, entire books have been written (and arguably an entire industry has arisen) around the way women talk and communicate. Have you ever bought a book on how men communicate? No, you haven’t, and the reason this has never come up for you is because men communicate directly. The typical man says what he means and means what he says. He doesn’t speak in code and he doesn’t expect you to interpret what he says or translate it somehow. He uses only those words necessary to convey what he’s thinking. That’s how a man communicates in a nutshell. They are typically very direct, and the men who display those “overlapping” brains and who communicate like women are usually looked down on by their fellow males. We’ve all known that person around an office, for example, who’s always making back-stabbing or passive-aggressive comments, and who communicates in code and in layers because he will never come out and say directly what he means. Those “men” are always looked down on by actual men, who tire of trying to deal with someone whose words cannot be trusted and who never truly just says what he means.

Women always take things more personally than men, too, and they tend to be much more catty around each other. Have you ever had the misfortune of working in a mostly female office setting, or in any workplace that was mostly women? If you’ve ever worked in an office with mostly female employees, you know that the place was a nightmare of office politics. That’s because two women in an office setting can be friends, but three or more women in an office setting will always break off into pairs that put one of the women on the outside. These pairings with “enemies” will always break up and recombine, too, in and endless cycle of office politicking and gossiping that always makes an office much more unpleasant to be around. The typical male quickly gets very sick of this type of behavior, it’s very common in women. Yet we are told that women and men aren’t wired differently? That they don’t truly communicate differently? We know that’s not true. And we know that the average woman would admit it too, if she wasn’t so busy gossiping and playing politics... right?

But wait, there are still other differences between men and women that are hard-wired. Take the grudges that men and women tend to hold. The average man will typically let a grudge go after only a short while. It’s not unusual for men who have fought to become friends. Even if things come to physical blows (and perhaps especially if they do), things are easily resolved among men with a minimum of fuss. Men tend to get physical. Think in terms of the way fraternities and sororities do hazing. Fraternities, or Greek college organizations for men, tend to be much more physical in their hazing. They put a lot of stress on physicality and athleticism. Women, by contrast, tend to be much more emotional or mental in their hazing. They play mind games and they lean on each other emotionally rather than physically. This is yet another widely recognized difference between men and women. Yet the scientists who looked at some brains would like to try and tell us that this does not happen. They want us to believe that it simply is not true, that it’s all in our imaginations. Does that make any sense to you?

The list of differences that are observable between men and women go on and on. If men and women’s brains aren’t different, their bodies certainly are. There are a number of professions that are dominated by men, where there are very few women employees. You have heard this before and you’ve probably been told it’s an example of sexism in the workplace, that there is an unfair institutional bias against women that works to pay them less and also deny them opportunity. The idea is supposed to be that men are trying to preserve their good old boys network at the expense of opportunities for women, but the fact is, the reality is different. Women don’t get paid less than men for the same work when you factor in differences in education and time in the workforce. In other words, men and women go to college at roughly the same numbers for certain types of high-paying professions, but then women voluntarily leave the workforce in order to have children. There is also a difference in the number of women out there who have degrees suited to finding high-paying work. Once you adjust for these differences, the supposed “wage gap” disappears. And those male dominated professions we mentioned? They’re things like working in coal mines, and fighting fires, and so on. They are horrible, physically demanding jobs like sanitation work and so on that require male strength and male endurance to do. Women aren’t typically attracted to these jobs because they are so horrible. Men do them because they need to get done and because men have the strength and courage to do them.

So where do men and women stand in the final analysis? Men are more aggressive, certainly, and women can be more passive aggressive. Sexual roles do exist for a reason. They are a reality. And however they occur, it’s true that men and women do differ and we can see this difference (and obviously so). The typical man desires feminine companionship, and this goes without saying. It’s a reality that all men face. Men are not satisfied to be alone with themselves. They want to be with women and they want to be with beautiful women. This always puts them at a disadvantage with women, because on some level, women know that men desire this. They know the power they have over us and they know that we want to be near them. So men are always looking for women to be with. The escort advantage is that you can spend time with beautiful women without dealing with any of the differences we’ve just been talking about. Yes, men and women are different, but one thing is definitely true about women who are also professional entertainers, and that is that they have learned, and been trained, to use their differences to YOUR advantage. Instead of insisting that you conform to their whims and do as they demand, our professional entertainers do everything in their power to put you first and see to it that your needs are satisfied.

Do you remember the last time that you went out on a date with a beautiful woman and actually enjoyed it? If you’ve done so in recent memory it was probably pretty stressful, because the ways men and women differ put a lot of pressure on you as a man when you are trying to please a woman and persuade her to let you take her out again. When you hire a beautiful, professional escort, you are suddenly free to stop worrying about those things. That’s because it becomes your escort’s job to see to it that you have a good time. She will put your needs and wants first. You do not have to try an impress her. You do not have to try and persuade her to let you see her again. If you like her and you want to book her time again in the future, you are free to do so. If you would like a little variety, even go out with more than one woman at the same time, you can do that, too. In fact, many men finally achieve the fantasy of going out on the town with a beautiful girl on each arm when they finally take the time to book two girls through our service. You don’t have to stop at just two young ladies, either. You could go out with multiple young women if it fits into your budget, and you could finally start living like one of those social media playboys -- the ones who are always taking pictures of themselves surrounded by a bevy of scantily clad girls.

Are you ready for the fantasy of being with a woman who actually cares about what you want and what you need? Are you tired of dealing with the ways men and women are different, which complicates your life when you are trying to find a non-traditional woman to date or have a short- or long-term relationship with? Are you tired of researchers telling you that these differences don’t exist, when you have clearly experienced them each and every time you’ve gone out to a club or a bar? We know how much you have suffered trying to do dating the hard way, the old-fashioned way. We’d like to give you another option, a way of finally getting the feminine companionship you have always wanted, on your terms and on your schedule.

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