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Gorgeous Julie is a soft touch who enjoys volunteering for various charities. She loves her work as a Las Vegas escort, even though she knows there are people who look down on it. She thinks of herself as a very centered and spiritual person. She loves fun activities like miniature golfing, and she likes to cook. Despite all this, she does consider herself a naturally submissive woman when it comes to relationships. She also likes to work for animal rights when possible, but she’s not a fanatic about it, nor is she a vegetarian.”

“If you don’t want to be a hypocrite you have to be willing to see what you are eating for what it is. I’m not a hunter but I don’t get in anyone’s face for doing so. I can accept the kind of person I am, and one of the things I am is someone who never wants to be bored. I want to be stimulated all the time. I want to always have something going on before me that is interesting. I think people are all special and all unique, and the more you accept that about people, the better off you will be. This is very important for all of us. I’m the sort of girl who wants to be stimulated by variety, but I have to pick and choose my activities. Some things are never going to be ‘me,’ and that’s okay. No single person can be all things to everybody, nor should they try. I think we drive ourselves crazy by trying to be everything to everyone.”

Julie has very definite opinions about not forcing yourself to be someone you aren’t. “There is no way, on this Earth, that you as a human being are ever going to be all things to all people. Oh, sure, you’ll feel the pull, the temptation, to try and please everybody. We live in a world full of different people, and they all seem to want something from us. If you have close friends, if you have family, and if you try to stay connected to them all, it is inevitable that you’ll encounter a situation where they all want something from you, and that something is different. It’s amazing how many opinions your friends and family members seem to have about what you should do, where you should go, and how you should live your life. But the thing to remember is, no matter who they are, the people making demands of you, or just asking you for things, they don’t have to live with your choices.”

Julie continues, “It’s all fine and good to listen to their advice, but remember that the only person who can live with what you’ve done, and who’s going to have to, is you. This is really important because you can’t afford to make the wrong choice to please someone, only to suffer through the consequences after that. It could lead to real trouble for you, and all because you tried to be everything to everybody. You can’t do that. You’ve got to set your boundaries, enforce them, and stick to them. You have to be true to you, and if there are people in your life who don’t like it, it doesn’t matter. They are just going to have to deal with it. You are the captain of your fate and the master of your soul. You are calling the shots. That means it’s up to you to do what needs doing, and you will be the person who fails or succeeds based on your own choices.”

Julie comes back again and again to the idea that you have to be true to yourself and not try to please everyone. “You can go insane if you divide yourself up into multiple directions that way,” she says. “But more than that, you’ll lose track of your dreams. You have to know who you are in life if you’re going to stay true to your goals. Those goals are the way posts, the guidelines, for everything you do in the world. They’re like shining stars that help you navigate through the sea of the world. If you lose track of your guideposts, you lose track of where you are headed. And if you lose track of where you are headed, you aren’t going to get anything you want out of life. You’re going to miss out. You’re going to look back in regret. That’s what I’m trying to avoid. I never want to look back in regret. That emotion, regret, is the most awful feeling in the world. Missed opportunities are like stabs in the gut.”

“Every day I’m grateful for the chance to serve my clients,” Julie concludes. “It makes me very happy to be able to do that.”

Wonderful Cheryl likes to stay in shape by doing yoga, preferably in the nude. She is also a very active girl who likes to camp, hike, and swim. When she has the chance to get away from it all, she likes to go far from modern civilization, modern technology, and modern distractions. She believes the connectivity we experience in our normal lives is counter-productive when it comes to peace of mind.

“Technology is reducing us all to little more than cogs in a machine,” she says. “We all live at the mercy of those devices. They tell us what to do and they run our lives for us. It’s like having this little electronic tether in your pocket or purse all the time. How many people do you know who freak out when they forget their phones? We used to accept that there were times when we just couldn’t reach people. There were times when they were out of the reach of technology. That’s what answering machines were for. You’d call somebody’s house and maybe there would be no answer at all. If they had a machine, you left a message. You lived with the idea that it might be a while before you could get hold of them. We’ve lost that. We no longer believe there should be times when people are beyond our reach. We want to be able to reach out and put ourselves in touch with someone at a moment’s notice, and if they don’t respond right away, we get offended. That’s no way to live.”

“Most of the time you don’t need your phone,” she goes on. “Sure, there are times when you need it to call for a ride, or when there’s an emergency, or to coordinate your plans out with whoever you’re going with in case the two of you split up during the course of your trip. You don’t really need the phone most of the other time. Yet you take it with you. When you go out to a restaurant, or walk through a mall, or even walk by kids on their way to school or waiting for the bus, what are all those people doing? They’re not seeing the world around them. They’re not engaged with life and with living. They have their noses buried in their phones and they see only what’s on their screens. I’ve never seen anything more depressing than a bunch of young, fun, attractive people out at a restaurant or in a club or somewhere else, and instead of talking and laughing and joking with each other, they’ve got their noses buried in their phones and they’re not enjoying their lives. Why would you go out with people and then ignore them?”

Cheryl continues, “The machines are probably triumphing in their bid to take over the world. Before there was an Internet, none of us had any idea what that was going to do to our planet. We all take it for granted now and we act like we can’t live without it, yet for years we did just that. Do we really want to live on a planet full of zombies who are lost in their phones all the time? What’s the next thing going to be? What’s the next level of connectivity going to be like? I have to tell you, I was worried when those glasses things came out that people were going to wear all the time. It seems like that idea didn’t catch on, but what if it does? What if we’re all just walking around all the time totally connected in real time to everyone else through social media and everything else we do? I don’t know if I want to live in that sort of world.”

Cheryl explains that she loves to be able to just spend quiet time getting to know people. She considers herself a people person and genuinely enjoys the process of getting in touch with someone for the first time. This is one of the reasons she likes to go camping and get away from all the connected electronics in the world. “Can’t we all just stop answering our phones every minute?” she asks. “We’ve all got voice mail and text messaging. Can’t we respect one another’s rights just to not be available once in awhile? Except for emergencies, there is no reason we can’t just ignore our phones for those times when we’re actually engaged in our lives and doing something else. When I get out and go camping, I want to spend my time enjoying nature. I don’t want to be looking at the Internet or getting messages. I want to be completely focused on my companion, and I think every man deserves that undivided attention. That’s why men love escorts.”

Delightful Gabby is the opposite of a tech snob. She likes to collect music, but does so on CD, believing the sound quality on CDs is better than when music is compressed electronically. She loves to dress up in different lingerie outfits, but she’s also a down to earth girl who likes racing on television and indulges her guilty pleasures often. She likes to watch horror movies and make fun of them with her friends.

“Stop and think about how your typical horror movie goes, “ she says. “These people just have no survival instinct. Most normal people would not make the decisions that these people in the movies make. It isn’t normal, when you find murder victims, not to immediately get the police, or get help. It isn’t normal to split up and go off amongst themselves. And some horror movies are so ridiculous because if just one of those people had a gun and could defend themselves with it, the movie would end and that would be that. But I guess that’s the idea, isn’t it?”

Gabby admits that she loves horror movies because she likes to suspend her disbelief and indulge in the play-acting of fear. People love to be scared as long as the stakes aren’t too high and they aren’t really scared. We love to get those vicarious thrills, she explains, but we don’t actually want to be in real danger. Just as when we go on amusement park rides, the simulation of danger brings us thrills, but we know deep down that everything is perfectly safe... so much so that when an accident occurs on an amusement park ride and people actually get hurt, it’s big news. Why, it’s big news even if nobody is hurt, precisely because the thrill ride is the simulation of danger and not the real thing.

“I think it’s the luxury of being entertained in a way that real people can’t be,” Gabby says. “You would feel a lot different if you were watching a documentary where the people in the film were actually being murdered at the end. And you would feel that much more differently about it if you thought there was any danger that you could be murdered yourself while watching it. I mean, wouldn’t you? So when you enjoy a horror movie, you’re just kind of teasing yourself. It has nothing to do with real danger, and there’s no real risk. There’s nothing that would actually cause you to have to face your real fears of mortality or consequences.”

Gabby believes in living her life without fear and says that to her, fear stops you from truly immersing yourself in the gift of and the joy in your life. “Think about the greatest obstacle you’ve ever faced,” she says. “You might say resources or opportunities. You didn’t have access to the thing you wanted. The thing you wanted was too expensive, or it wasn’t where you needed it to be, or you just couldn’t get to it in the time available and while you had the chance. It’s a question of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or more accurately, never being in the right place at the right time. That’s what you tell yourself, anyway. But the fact is, if something is important to you, you’ll move heaven and earth to get to it. You’ll do whatever is necessary to be in the right place at the right time. You’ll make time because, once something is your priority, it’s the thing you throw all your effort and resources at. So what is really holding you back?”

Gabby explains that the thing that’s holding you back is real fear. It isn’t the simulated fear of thrill rides or horror movies, but a real aversion to risk. We’ve got to be willing to take risks in life, she explains, because only then can we achieve our goals despite the real dangers that reality puts in front of us every day. Fear can paralyze us and stop us from going after what we want. We’ll never reach our dreams that way. Gabby is very passionate about fighting past that fear.

“Very early on in my life I decided that fear would never have any power over me,” she says. “Fear is the paralysis that freezes you when you most need to move and seize your goals. I won’t let that become who I am. I won’t hold back or delay my dreams. I’m going to seize the opportunity to do the things I’ve always wanted to do. I’m going to go after that brass ring. Every big dream, every goal, involves a leap of faith. I’m ready to take that jump. And if I can do it while I’m wearing next to nothing, great.”

Dazzling Marcia likes to think that she listens very well, and believes that when it comes to personal relationships, listening is the only skill that really makes a difference. She loves to get out and explore the nightlife of the city, finding great new places for entertainment and having fun. She loves to go to comedy clubs and concerts and is very good at locating new chances to have fun while exploring the city. Staying home, she believes, is an utter waste of time, and she thinks the greatest thing you can do wrong in this world is explore all the wonderful opportunities that exist for you to have fun out there. Her personal philosophy is rooted in this concept.

Marcia explains that she read in an Indian holy book that the greatest mystery in life is the idea that we all live as though we’re going to be immortal. Yet we die every day as human beings, and those of us left behind never seem to want to acknowledge that fact, as if mortality just doesn’t apply to us. She further explains that maybe some people just believe if they live in denial it will never occur to them. They don’t think about an inevitable future they can’t change because there will always be time later on to worry about it, or so they think, until the day that later never comes and they are forced to face reality.

“I think this idea that there will always be time later on is a horrifyingly bad philosophy,” she says. “We all have such short lives. If we live thinking that we should play it safe, that we have plenty of time and therefore there’s no point in taking risks, then we never really extend ourselves and put ourselves out there to do great things and have wonderful adventures. When your whole life flashes before you at the end, do you want to be bored by that reply? Or do you want to be proud of what you did, and proud of the risks that you took, and realize that, even though your time is up, you truly lived while you could? I think it would be terribly sad to look back in regret.”

Marcia goes on to explain that she believes we should take advantage of every single minute we get as if it were the most precious resource available to us. “You owe yourself that attitude change,” she says. “Every single time you wake up, every morning that your feet hit the floor, you should never be thinking about later. There is no later. There is only what you can accomplish right now. Every day, charge out of bed grateful for the gift of your life, and determined to accomplish your goals. You should set those goals every morning. Do it formally. Keep a list. Write it down and you can then check it off as you go about your day. Make fulfilling your goals and meeting your list a big part of what you do every day. That sense of empowerment and accomplishment will give you the mental and emotional boost you need to keep going and keep doing things each day.”

“Escorts are all about seizing opportunity,” Marcia explains. “A good escort has got to be able to embrace, not just change, but opportunity. She’s got to be willing to live her dreams. That’s what I do, every single day. I live my dreams. I have this endless party to attend. No matter what day it is, when I get my schedule, I have an endless amount of enjoyment ahead of me. It’s my version of traveling the world, except I’m not waiting. I’m not going to get to the end of my life and then scramble to make my dreams come true. I’m living my dreams now, and so I know that if anything happens to prevent what I’m trying to do, I’ll have had what I wanted when it mattered.”

Marcia believes the key to accomplishing all of this is a relentlessly positive attitude. “People respond best to positivity,” she says. “They want leaders and friends around them who help them to light up, who bring them joy and lift their spirits. They want to know that there are people around them who not only share their burdens, but who can help them respond to those burdens and triumph over them. I think this is the essence of hope. It’s the idea of helping people. Hope is about that shared bond among men and women who face the adversity of life and just take it on, no matter what, helping each other along so that everyone benefits. I feel hopeful just thinking about life in those terms. I suppose a lot of people probably do.”

Classy Trisha likes to spend her free time at the beach or by the pool. She is a sexy bisexual lady who likes going out to the movies and enjoying fine dining. When she’s at the movies, she likes to rate the various actors in them by which ones she thinks are most good looking. She loves fast cars and likes to be around powerful motors of all types. She actually considers herself something of a fast girl herself.

“I love fast cars,” she says. “I love the growl of a super powerful engine. It just kind of resonates with me and with my body. I feel it deep down inside me and it turns me on. When I’m riding in a muscle car, when I’m in a fancy sports car, or if I’m just watching that vehicle drive past me, I can’t help but respond to it. The sound of that engine, the aroma of the exhaust as it thunders by. Speed and power are things that I admire, and the men who pilot these vehicles are men I admire as well. I like fast cars and I’ll always pick something impractical and powerful over something powerful and reasonable. We make so many boring choices in life. We want reliable, dependable transportation, right? Well what’s more boring than reliable and dependable? I want something fast and sexy. Even though there are sometimes problems that come with that, it’s so much more fun. Do you want to look back on your life and think that you took the safe way out, or do you want to look back on your life and think about all the incredible adventures you had?”

It is making those memories of incredible adventures that Trisha believes is one of the selling points of Las Vegas escorts. “When you book one of our girls, of course it’s something special,” she says. “You’re building memories. All of us are just the sum of our memories. When you get to the end of this adventure we call life and you look back, you’ll have nothing to share or take with you except those memories. Do you want a series of bland and boring memories that are the sum total of your life? Or do you want sexy adventures, things that were the fulfillment of fantasies that you had, and times that you just went for it and grabbed that brass ring? I don’t know about you, but for me, that’s what I would want. I would want that adventure before anything else. I would want to have really, truly lived, and be able to look back proud on what I’d done. That’s the only way to live life as far as I’m concerned.”

Trish has an extensive collection of bikinis and bathing suits, each one skimpier than the last. She loves to get as naked as possible and spend time in the hot sun. “When it comes to bathing suits, I want them to be as tiny as they can possibly be,” she says. “I like a tiny, tiny bathing suit. I like my tan lines to be as fine as possible, too. Whenever possible, I go to the beach, and if the beach is not an option, there’s always a hotel pool somewhere, even one that is indoors. I like to wear my tiniest little bathing suit and just lay out by that pool or on a blanket on the beach, and wait for people to notice me. I love it when guys come by and go out of their way to sort of cruise by me so they can get a good, long look. I like to catch them looking. I like to smile and wink at them, as if I know what they’re thinking. You’d be amazed at how often they sort of blush and actually act sweet when you catch them at it.”

“I like knowing that the people who see me and watch me are getting turned on,” she admits. “A guy can’t help how he’s built. You can’t look at a body like this as a straight man and not get turned on. It’s just how the male mind is wired. I know that as I’m lying there, maybe rubbing suntan lotion into my supple legs and on my taut stomach, he’s thinking about all the dirty, naughty stuff he’d like to do with me. I’ll give him a lot to think about. I’ll give him a private show unlike anything he’s ever had... and if he seems like a nice enough guy, I’ll even offer to let him put the lotion on. Nobody’s turned me down yet when I offer them a chance to help me get oiled up. Every guy dreams of an opportunity like that. They love having it.”

Charming Oriola is an active girl who is into amateur pole dancing. She also practices archery. She enjoys dancing very much and, when it’s possible, she likes to indulge herself in dancing naked. Hunting is something she has tried, but she didn’t enjoy it, and she has given up on killing animals. She considers pole dancing, by contrast, to be the ultimate expression of her femininity.

“There are always going to be people who think of it as nothing but stripping, or maybe just being an exotic dancer,” she says, “and that seems kind of cheap and tawdry to a lot of people. But to me, when you’re dancing on that pole, when you’re celebrating your own sexuality and your own sensuality, when you’re doing your best to turn on whoever is watching and all eyes are on you, that to me is the most incredible statement you can make about being a woman. You’re saying, ‘I’m here. This is my body. This is my sexiness. This is my desire. You all want me. I want you to want me. And I will do anything that it takes to make you want me more.’ I love that pole dancing gives me the chance to turn on an audience.”

Oriola likes to keep her audiences small and intimate, but she admits that when she does get the chance to dance in front of a slightly larger audience, she enjoys it. She likes to use her body to get done the things she wants to do in life. She knows she’s a very sexy woman, and she thinks there is always room for her to be hotter and better. She believes she can handle whatever life can throw at her, and she further thinks that this is the only way to approach life.

“I love archery, yes, but it’s not really about the physical part of it,” she says. “It’s an exercise for your muscles in some ways, certainly, but to me it’s more than that. Sure, lots of people are into archery right now because it’s popular in lots of fantasy style movies. I don’t do archery because I’m trying to get in on a trend, though. I don’t need to do it to get more exercise for my body, either, because I’ve already got that covered between my dancing and my personal workout regimen. I think of archery as a way of being completely in the now. There’s a book about archery and Zen and how the practice of archery can help you achieve that mental oneness with the now. As you get ready to shoot your arrow, you’ve got this total harmony in all your muscles and your body and mind, and that’s really special. When I’m centered and calm, when I’ve got that bow in my hands, is when I’m in my natural element and best prepared for life as it is and as I want it to be.”

Hunting was something that didn’t feel natural to Oriola. She just wasn’t good at it because her heart wasn’t in it. “You would think, an active girl like me, that I would be a natural fit for hunting, but I simply was not. When I saw a deer and it was time for me to take the shot, when it was time for me to take that animal’s life, I simply couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t bring myself to kill it. It was there and it was innocent and it was just the most natural thing in the world, and I felt like an intruder in its universe. I was like, who am I to do this to this living creature? How am I fit to live on its world when it has done nothing to me? So I gave up on hunting from that point forward. There was just no point in even going out there and engaging in the exercise. It was always only theoretical for me, and it was going to stay that way.”

Oriola prefers to be herself, mentally and physically, through dancing socially and even naked when she can. “Everything just goes away when I dance,” she says. “Everything evaporates until I’m completely at union with myself and who I am. I can’t possibly be concerned with ordinary problems and day to day issues when I’m dancing. It’s like with the bow and arrow. You can’t be a person made of your problems if you’re in the moment and totally focused on what you are doing. This is the true freedom and liberation that comes with being grounded and knowing who you are. I’m all about that grounding. I like to focus on that centering. It’s very important to me. And I like to share that philosophy when I can. That’s just me.”

Captivating Betty loves dirt bikes and off-roading. She also considers herself something of a poet. She likes to write, mainly poetry, and she likes to go out dancing to the local clubs. As far as her personality, she thinks she is naturally submissive in relationships, but she also has a very strong backbone and is not a pushover. She believes that a positive attitude is the most important aspect of anything we do as people.

“I think you are never more in touch with your own humanity than when you are helping somebody,” Betty says. “And consider just how much suffering there is in the world, how many people there are that are truly in need. There’s certainly no shortage of them. No matter where you go, no matter what you do, there is somebody who is not doing as well as you are, somebody who has less money than you do, somebody who is having a worse day than you are, and somebody who just needs your help. Imagine if you’re having an awful day. Nothing has gone right. It feels like the whole world is against you. Then somebody offers to help you, just out of the blue, while asking nothing in return. Is there anything that helps you to feel better than that? Is there any brighter ray of sunshine in a terrible day than a random act of kindness like that? These things pay off so much.”

As for being submissive, Betty says, “I also love life. I’m not someone you can push around. I do like to be dominated sexually, but that’s a common fantasy for a lot of women. What’s that stupid book that came out and then became a really terrible movie, the one that made it acceptable for folks to talk about BDSM in public? I know it isn’t very well written. It’s a silly book and people probably shouldn’t rely on it. But that book made it okay for thousands and thousands of American women to celebrate their kinks. It made it okay for them to talk about bondage, and domination, and being tied up, and all the other sexy, kinky things they wanted to do. We are a strange country. We’re very repressed sexually compared to other nations, yet more free in so many other ways. I think it’s great that this book finally broke through that and encouraged women, especially, in the United States, to be free about what they like, about what turns them on, about the special things they want their lovers to do in order to really please them.”

Betty goes on, “I had this platonic friend, this guy who was in a relatively unhappy relationship with his girlfriend. One of the reasons he was unhappy was because he had certain sexual fantasies that he didn’t think he was ever going to get a chance to live out. He confided in me what they were, and told me that he really wanted to do these things with his girlfriend, but he was worried what she would say. Honestly, they weren’t as kinky as kinky gets, although I admit they were kind of up there. Well, I encouraged him to tell his girl what he wanted. Maybe it was a mistake, but he told her all about it... and then she very quietly told him that it was okay, and she would be happy to try that with him. But they never did. And whenever he brought it up, she made him feel like a weirdo about it. It ruined their relationship and did him some serious damage. I felt bad that he told me he couldn’t really be honest with his girlfriends since all that because he feared what damage his honesty would do, and so he was going to have to sit on his desires all that time.”

Betty concludes, “How terrible that a fear of rejection basically puts you and your fantasies into the closet for the rest of your life. This guy has just give up. He’s going to go through the rest of his life never getting what he wants, and all because he had a girlfriend who didn’t understand and didn’t stop to think that we all have fantasies that we want fulfilled.”

Betty explains that she would never behave this way as a woman, and as a escort, it is her job to be able to listen to and understand a man without judgment. “My job is to encourage people,” she says. “I would never criticize a man. I always do what I can to help and to be kind to them. That’s how I see my job. It’s how I believe you should behave. Every man should be treated like the great, caring person that he is, always.”

Debbie is the kind of girl who loves to play violent video games, although she doesn’t consider herself a gamer. She also enjoys eating out in fine restaurants. Most importantly, though, she likes dressing up in lingerie, and she really enjoys roleplay and fetish play. To keep her incredible body in shape, she rides a bicycle as much as she can.

Debbie admits that while she enjoys going out to restaurants now, she enjoyed it more when she was younger. Back then, it was her favorite thing to do in the world, and it didn’t matter what sort of restaurant it was. She felt like she was very special whenever anybody waited on her, and she liked the feeling of being a queen handing out orders to her subjects... even if those orders were just for a ham on rye. She used to think of it as a magical process wherein she asked for what she wanted and that thing just appeared a few minutes later. But all that magical illusion was shattered for her when she was old enough to a job in a restaurant, since it is restaurants that typically hire people who don’t have much work history or experience.

“I loved working there, don’t get me wrong,” she explains. “It was this little Italian family restaurant, with its great mix of strange personalities on both sides of the kitchen door. I got a job as a waitress and I learned a lot about the world at that place. The owner, the head chef, was this enormous man who lived and breathed his work. He was always loud. I don’t think that man had an indoor voice. He would shout out whatever he wanted to tell you, whatever was on his mind, and he didn’t care if your feelings were hurt. He figured if he told you something once, you should remember it, and he got very angry if he had to repeat himself.”

Debbie goes on, “That restaurant owner was like a spider in a web. He was plugged into it all. He would serve free breakfast to the local judge and the politicians gunning for the judge’s position. He made sure there were always plenty of cops in there eating for free, too, because having cop cars in the parking lot was the surest way he knew of to stop a robbery, a burglary, or any other nonsense in his place. Through it all I was just working and working. It was very hard work and there was no slack cut to me because I was young and attractive. I got harassed sexually, sure, by some of the patrons, but never by the staff. The owner wouldn’t stand for it. He dealt very harshly with anyone he thought was mistreating “his girls,” and nobody who worked there wanted to get on his bad side.

Debbie continues, “The only major issue with working in a restaurant was that it took the fun and mystery out of it. I got to see how everything was done. I saw how the foods were prepared ahead of time, how they were staged with just the final components yet to be heated or cooked. I saw how much work went into everything beforehand, and then all the simple little things that were done to make it happen when the order was finally given. I saw how hot that kitchen got, and how much the owner and his assistant cooks suffered when they were back there on hot summer days. It was a real eye-opener. But restaurants were no longer magic for me. It was no longer a question of just giving my order and waiting for my food to appear. I knew the secrets and the way that everything came together, so from that moment on, whenever I went into a restaurant, I was aware of what was happening behind the scenes. It’s like knowing how the magician does his trick. You never look at the same things the same way again. I don’t regret the work I did, but I do sometimes regret that everybody’s childhood eventually has to end. I think my childhood started to end when restaurants were no longer magic for me.”

Debbie comes by her affection for video games quite naturally. It isn’t something she puts on to make guys find her more appealing, and she has no patience for girls taking half-naked pictures of themselves holding video game controllers and pretending to like games they know nothing about. “I think you should be genuine about your hobbies,” she says. “If you can’t tell the truth, then why bother at all? It’s important to be honest, not just with others, but with yourself. I think self-honesty is absolutely the most important kind of honesty there is.”


“I’m very proud of my rack and my rump,” says beautiful Darla. “I also like fine art and high culture. One of my favorite shows was always the one with that rich loud guy going on about the rich and famous and how they lived. I’ve always dreamed of being rich, and one day, I hope to make it. I know that the fastest way for me to achieve success is through my natural assets. I’m very proud of the figure I’ve got, and I put in a lot of hard work to maintain that figure. I think your mental attitude makes all the difference when it comes to whether you achieve your goals in life, and I also think you’ve got to work on your goals actively if you really want to accomplish anything rather than simply daydreaming about it. I realize I have a long way to go myself, but I think you’ve got to at least acknowledge that this is the case or you can’t move ahead.”

Darla has always loved documentaries about the homes of the rich and famous. She loves the idea that one day, if you work hard enough, such an incredible place to live, containing everything you’ve ever dreamed about owning, can one day become yours. She believes this is a dream come true, but when it comes to how to get there, she thinks there are a lot of people who look at being rich as some kind of lottery win, something that just happens to you. She says she disagrees with all the jealousy she sees out there when it comes to people who have achieved success in life. It’s naturally to be at least a little jealous of people who have more than you, she admits, but she thinks that we could all solve more of our problems if we focused less on what other people have, and more on what we ourselves have and need to accomplish.

Darla goes on, “I understand why some people feel that way, and that’s understandable. But I believe that getting rich is, for the most part, something you earn, something you work really hard to get. It may not be as simple as those novels people used to write about the poor guy who hits the American Dream and suddenly becomes a rich man. What were they called? Horatio Alger, something like that. It may not be quite that storybook simple. But I do think that most of the people who are wealthy had to work really hard to get that way. Sure, there are some lazy bastards out there. The rich kids of Instagram come to mind. These are rich kids, the children of very wealthy families, who have lots of money because they have lavish allowances or trust funds or just parents who buy them anything they want. They’ve become famous because they go onto Instagram and post obnoxious photos showing off how rich they are, and of course they’re arrogant about it, and everybody knows that somebody that young hasn’t done anything to earn the money, so we resent their attitudes and the life of ease they have that has made them such spoiled little brats. But people like that are the exception. Sure, it takes money to make money, and if you inherit a nice nest egg, chances are good you can build that up into a profitable business. But even in a case like that, there is effort involved. There is work you have to do to make your money. People who are very wealthy, by and large, really worked hard to get where they are. I respect that kind of work. I respect how they chose a goal and pursued it with single-minded focus to get where they wanted to be in life.”

“I don’t think you can pursue any goal in life,” Darla says, “unless you set that goal and go after it with everything you’ve got. That may sound pretty simple, but I don’t think it actually is. I’ve got dreams, you know. I have such big dreams, and I’m working on them, but it takes so long to get there. You can’t expect to make any progress on something like that unless you can really define it ahead of time. In order to make something of yourself, in order to get somewhere in life, you first have to say what your dreams are going to be, sure, but then you have to analyze the actual goals that will get you to that point. You can’t just say that you want stuff. You have to have a plan and you have to execute that plan. In the absence of any of that, without that structure, why, you’re just spinning your wheels. There’s no point then.”

Sexy Sara enjoys styling her hair in different and interesting ways, and she’s also a big fan of nail art. She loves to look different and look great every day. While she’s fond of wholesome family style activities, like going to public parks and doing other things like that, she also loves to be as sexy as possible while doing them. She likes to hike and once got lost in the woods for a night, but somehow managed to get through it.

“I think too few women really understand the power that they have as women these days,” she explains. A sexy woman is the most powerful woman in the world. She has an influence that no one else has. She can move the world with nothing more than her body. If she takes the time to be as sexy as she can be, she can wow everyone who sees her just by being close to them. She can walk into a room and turn every head there. People will be falling over themselves to get close to her, and that’s a universal effect that all beautiful women can have. Think about it. When a sexy woman walks into a club or a restaurant, nobody knows anything about her. Nobody there has any reason to care who she is, or want to please her. They don’t know what kind of person she is. They don’t know her likes or her dislikes. But men will be lining up to please her for no other reason than that she’s attractive.”

The antics that men go through to get close to women never cease to amaze Sara, especially when those antics don’t particularly work well. One of these is Internet dating, which so many men seem to think is the answer to their problems, but which rarely actually is. “I think Internet dating is a waste of time and I don’t understand why so many men turn to it,” she says. “First of all, when you join an Internet dating service, you’ve got to spend a lot of time filling out questions and profile fields about yourself. If you don’t really feel like doing this, that’s too bad. You don’t have a choice, so you’ve got to go through the seemingly endless task of working up a profile that others can use to try and find someone compatible (and then you get to hope it’s you). You will never experience anything more depressing than logging onto an Internet dating site to discover all your potential matches are unattractive. Yet that is what happens, more often than not. Internet dating is doing you no favors from a numbers standpoint, either, because there’s too many men and not enough women. And those women don’t look like me. Not even close.”

“If you do find someone reasonably attractive on an Internet dating site, you’ve got your work cut out for you,” she says. “Beautiful women, any woman who is even close to someone like me in looks, gets a lot of emails from other users. She gets more than she can handle, usually. How are you going to get your messages noticed in that kind of field? It’s nearly impossible. But let’s say that by some miracle, you do get noticed in that sea of competing messages. What will you do then? You’ll probably spend week after week trading stupid small talk, trying to find a way to get her to meet you in real life. You may not get someone who is truthful about anything concerning her life – not her appearance, not her background, not her history, etc. You have no way of knowing unless you meet her and she turns out to have been false with you. So now you’ve wasted time, you’re wasting future time, and you may be making a bad connection with someone who isn’t really right for you. Oh, and you’ll do all this while paying a lot of money for paid memberships in the site or sites. You’ve got to if you’re going to meet as many women as you can.”

Sara loves it when she gets to meet a man in her capacity as a Vegas escort and show him just how different things can be. “The average man is sick of low-rent, low-quality girls,” she says. “Las Vegas call girls. Las Vegas hookers. Las Vegas strippers. None of them are professional entertainers, not like the escorts here at The girls here can really show you a good time and do it in a way that is sexy, sophisticated, and classy. That’s a world away from the other options out there, and it’s far better. It’s okay to have tried the rest, but when you’re ready for the best, you’ve got to come to us for it.”

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