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Dynamic, desirable Danni has some experience with fetish modeling. She is absolutely comfortable with who she is and loves to show off her naked body. She also loves to watch sporting competitions on television, but most of all, she loves to be photographed. She is an exhibitionist at heart and he knows it.

“I love that my picture is here along with all the others to be seen,” she says. “I really hope that if I’m not your thing, if you read my profile page and I’m not what you’re looking for, that you’ll look at all our other listings of escorts and consider, really carefully, all of the sexy girls who share these pages. We really want to make you happy. I mean, just look at all the gorgeous women here on the site. Yes, we’re all really good looking, and each one of us has something a little different that we offer you. We know that you have different tastes than your friends. We realize that I might be your bag, or I might not be.”

Danni continues, “Every man has different tastes, and that’s totally okay., and I, know that while it’s fun to go out on a date with a sexy lady, it’s even more fun if the lady you’re with has the qualities that you personally prefer. I hope that you’ll choose me, but there are reasons you might go with someone else. For example, there isn’t a guy in the world who isn’t going to enjoy being able to say he’s got a gorgeous blonde hanging on his arm for the night. But maybe you prefer brunettes, and maybe you like redheads. Maybe you like a girl with a big round behind. Maybe you like a great rack. Maybe you prefer a more petite figure. I think I’m pretty I’m very sexy and that you’ll pick me, but I get it if you want something different.”

Danni’s time doing amateur fetish modeling got her used to a variety of unusual things, and foremost among these is that she never judges anyone for anything. “We all have our fantasies,” she admits, “and they don’t always make a lot of sense. Not only that, but we would be crazy to think that any of us is above having them. You know when some politician or celebrity is revealed for liking something a little unusual, because maybe somebody talked who should not have, or some hooker or other sex worker, or maybe a trusted employee or former lover, betrayed them? Well, that kind of thing plays well in the media. We like to think that celebrities are just like us and deep down we enjoy it when they get themselves into trouble.”

Staying positive for Danni means never taking pleasure in somebody else’s misfortune or unhappiness. “It would be cruel and hypocritical to condemn someone for their own kinks when you know you have fantasies of your own,” she says. “I think we would all be pretty surprised to learn that the people around us like various things that some of us think are really deviant... and that others of us like. You, as a son, might be surprised to learn that maybe you have some of the same kinks as your father, and so on. I’m not saying it necessary runs in the family. I’m just saying that there isn’t anybody who doesn’t have at least some kinkiness to him or to her. It’s just how these things go. It’s how the whole system works, the human system, so to speak. We all have our vulnerabilities. So giving any one of us grief over them, no matter how weird, that just should never be done. It’s not going to fly.”

Danni loves the nude female body and likes to stare at herself in a full length mirror so she can become very familiar with her own beautiful shape. She loves to get to know other beautiful women as well as men, and she likes to explore the more sensual side of her nature whenever she gets the chance. “I am very good at being a Las Vegas escort,” she says, “because I know how to be in touch with not only my own softer side, but somebody else’s. Forging a connection with someone is not something you can take for granted. It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it. I want us to really be able to get to know each other. That’s an essential part of the service provides, that establishing of a connection between you and me, that’s something fun and beautiful. I don’t want to waste any time. I want us to start making things better for us both and enjoying our lives. Give me the chance. Book me tonight.”

Vivacious Vicky loves to socialize with her friends and family. She considers herself mature beyond her years and likes to think her experience is what makes her most fun and valuable to the men she dates. She loves pleasing her clients and likes to go out and search for bargains in thrift shops when she has extra time. The adult entertainment industry is the field she calls home, and she has strong opinions about it.

“ is a part of the adult entertainment industry, yes,” she says. “But it’s different. We provide you with something that you can’t get anywhere else. We don’t sell sex, but that’s irrelevant. When you hook up beautiful, sexy girls with men who want to spend time with them, you’re going to get added into the adult industry and adult entertainment even if you would rather use a different description. What’s great about working for, though, is I think we offer a type of service that is much more satisfying than some of the other forms of ‘adult entertainment out there. For example, a lot of people, when they think of ‘adult entertainment,’ think of porn.”

Vicky goes on, “Porn is never going to be good enough for a man who wants the company of a beautiful woman for real. It will always let him down. Even if you pick out something that is every bit as specialized as your own most thrilling fantasies and deepest desires, it isn’t a human being you can talk to. It isn’t personal contact. It isn’t even the hope of meeting a woman like me, like going out and dating, with the possibility of love or sex at the end of a night. It is just moving pictures on your monitor, and that’s just not satisfying. It is just a recording that will play whether you are looking at it or you’re not.”

Dating a Las Vegas escort is the act of leaving passive entertainment behind you Vicky explains. “There are some substitutes out there that people think are more interactive,” she says. “But when you’re on a phone line or a webcam, the person you are talking to could be in the same city as you are, could be somewhere far across the country, or could even be in another nation entirely using an international calling line or the Internet. In some cases the person you are talking to looks nothing like she says she does, and that may even be in most or all cases. A few of those ‘ladies’ aren’t even ladies, but men with high pitched voices or men using voice changing devices or software. Is that really what you want? Will that really hold your interest, talking about your fantasies with a stranger you’ll never be able to confirm is who she claims to be?”

“What every man should do instead is contact to book a beautiful and sexy escort,” she says. “It’s my job to give you a real experience. When you go out with me, we go and hit the town, and you get to spend your time in the company of a real-life woman, a sexy and beautiful real-life woman who can hold your hand, touch your cheek, and make the people around you jealous of you. Can a recording do that? Can a video hold your hand? Obviously, there is no substitute for the real thing. At, we are all real ladies who can give you the night of your life. We can give you memories that last a lifetime. I am in the business of building memories.”

Vicky has learned that women change as they get older. College age girls are fun, she says, but they are far too idealistic. You can’t be realistic about the world and also be an idealist, she says, but you can strike a good balance between the two. “My experience in this industry and with has made me a good judge of character,” she says. “I also know how to listen to a man, to a client, to really get to know his likes, his dislikes, his needs, and his preferences. I can give him the kind of service that makes him want to come back for another booking. That’s important in a service industry. I care about my clients. I will do anything to continue fulfilling my assignments well, living this party lifestyle, and enjoying myself on a regular basis. It’s all intermingled. You can’t separate one from another because that’s what it means to be a Las Vegas escort. Escorting is something that I wasn’t sure about when I first chose to do it, but I quickly realized I’d made the right decision. I’m very happy to be able to do this job as I do.”

Luscious Leah loves to pose for photographs and considers herself an exhibitionist. She is particularly fond of nude pictures of herself. She likes to visit public places and get as naked as she can, and she doesn’t mind being watched. her exhibitionism has been with her since college and has frequently gotten her into trouble. She works out a lot and attributes her workouts and her dedication to them as the reason she is able to maintain her excellent body. She also believes that her primary value to every one of her clients is her ability to raise his value in the eyes of women.

“It’s true,” she says. “Just like we say here on the site, your value as a man goes up when you spend time with someone like me. When you’re out on the town with a beautiful, professional escort, like me, you want as many people as possible to see us. That’s because the more people that see you with me, the greater they will estimate your value upward. Now, I completely understand if you’d like to keep things discrete. Our site is totally confidential and there are plenty of reasons for that. But if you want to be seen with a gorgeous lady on your arm, it’s going to have a serious impact on you socially. Men are going to look at you and be jealous. They’re going to look at me, look at my body, and wish they were the ones who were out with me.”

Leah goes on, “It isn’t just the men, though. Women are going to look too. Every woman who looks at you is evaluating you to determine if you’re the sort of man who is worth spending any time on. This is true of all women. It doesn’t matter if she knows she’s doing it. She may be doing it subconsciously, but she’s doing it anyway. Every woman assigns a value in her head to every man she meets. On some fundamental level she is basically asking herself if, under the right conditions, she would sleep with him. Well, the more time you spend with other beautiful women, the more you will be seen as the type of guy more women want to be with. When a woman sees that another beautiful woman has somehow gotten close to you, that you have managed to get her near you, she’ll figure that there’s a good reason for that. In other words, it is apparent to most women that if you’ve already managed be with a sexy girl it must be because you are the sort of man that women want. Even if she doesn’t know what quality you have, she’ll be curious. She’ll know you’ve got something happening there.”

Leah continues, “There are plenty of good reasons for a man to book time with me. The single biggest one, of course, is that he wants to go out on a date and spend some time with a beautiful, sexy lady, but not deal with drama and strings attached that come with what we might call ‘traditional’ dating. That is the most common reason you might book with me, and trust me, I get that. Do you want to make men who see you jealous? Do you want to make women wonder what it is about you that is so compelling? When you do ask a beautiful woman out on a date in your personal life someone who is not one of my fellow escorts, you will have a greater chance of getting her attention if she knows you already travel in the company of stunners like us.”

Leah works out to maintain her incredible body. “It’s not enough to want it,” she says. “Just staring at motivational posters doesn’t cut it. You have to put in the work. The thing about working out, though, is that it’s very easy to go through the motions and not accomplish anything. You can’t afford to short-change yourself that way. You’ve got to really hit that workout room with intent, and push yourself so you actually see gains. Constant effort is necessary. This is just one of the many challenges that your day will throw at you. It isn’t even one of the harder ones. Look at it this way: If you can’t face the challenge of just going to the gym and sweating and giving it your all as part of your routine, there are a lot more challenges that are going to get the best of you, and they’re going to come falling downhill faster than you can handle them.”

Leah concludes, “Your attitude can always improve. Get up every day determined to conquer life. Don’t ever let yourself feel down or defeated. If you stay motivated, you can’t fail.”

Magnificent Maggie enjoys bicycling and aerobics. She is a big fan of fetish play. She also enjoys watching basketball on television. She considers herself neither naturally dominant nor naturally submissive, but she has definite ideas about what she likes and what she doesn’t in her personal life.

“I like all different types of men,” she explains. “I like variety. But also really enjoy a man who knows how to take what he wants. I like a man who has very strong opinions about where he is going in life and how to achieve his goals. I do, however, believe in giving other men a chance. Say I meet a guy who hasn’t always been as assertive, well, that’s okay. What I try to do, when dealing with a man who hasn’t always been as assertive as he might otherwise have been, is give him reasons to be confident. I make it clear that I’m on his team, that I’m on his side, and I would be happy to encourage him. I am going to help him get everything he wants out of our date together. When we go out together, when I am on his arm and making everyone around him wonder how he landed such a gorgeous lady, I get chills knowing I’m raising his value in the eyes of the people who see us together, including both women and men. Being seen with a lady like me can really make a guy look good. I’m aware of that and I play to it.”

Maggie is very proud of her body. “Men love a good, rounded rear end,” she explains. “I know that’s one of the classic things men are supposed to like. A lot of guys like a taut tummy, and there are plenty of guys who are absolutely and completely obsessed with breasts. There are also leg men, and it’s hard not to begrudge a man an appreciation of a finely sculpted and toned pair of legs. I think on some level, when a man sees a beautiful woman, he is really thinking about how much he would like to put his hands on her. On some very ingrained level, no man can help that. It’s where the phrase ‘undressing you with his eyes’ comes from. If you have ever seen a man just looking you over, licking his lips and letting his eyes wander up and down you, you’ll understand it.

“It’s the way a man’s hunger for your body just compels him to stare,” she says. “It’s why all men enjoy looking at women. Have you ever wondered about that? A guy can be with a really great looking lady walking side by side with him, and that lady could be his girlfriend or his wife, but when a sexy half-naked girl walks by, he’s going to want to look. Depending on how disciplined he is, he may not look obviously. Or he might just openly stare, and she might too, depending on what kind of relationship they have and how much fun she is. Personally, when I’m out with a man, either a work client or someone in my personal life, if I see a smoking hot chick walking down the street, especially if she’s half naked because it’s warm or we’re at the pool or something like that, I’m going to expect him to stare. How could he not? You have to let a guy be a guy. It’s cruel to expect him to be anything else, and the two of you are just going to fight if you don’t recognize that.”

Maggie explains that she enjoys being an escort, but the main reason she enjoys it isn’t so much the party nature of the job, but the people component. “I like going out with new people,” she says, “and getting paid to party. That’s not a bad gig at all. But the reason I like being an escort is really because I have the power in that relationship. I am the person who is at the heart of the service, the escort itself. I have the ability to say yes or no to the interaction. And I am the center of attention when my date and I do go out. Being an escort means being empowered. And it also means pleasure. I go out with a guy, I put on my skimpiest, slinkiest dress, and we have all the fun in the world. We party all night long. The dawn comes up and we finally decide to call it a night. That affirms the power that I have in the relationship. And one day, maybe, I’ll take this show on the road. We’ll see. Every day, I like to try different approaches, to see what I can accomplish. That’s my approach, really.”

Foxy Farrah loves to record in her diary all of her various adventures. She stays in shape by running and loves to go out on blind dates in her day to day life, not just as a business activity. The party lifestyle she has embraced as a Las Vegas escort has definitely agreed with her, and she considers herself an exceptionally happy and well-adjusted woman who is very content in her personal life.

“One of life’s greatest little pleasures is getting to meet new people. That’s one of the reasons I like to go out on blind dates. I think blind dates get kind of a bad reputation because they are the subject of so much popular culture nonsense. There are movies and television shows devoted to the wacky misadventures, or the horror stories, that occur when people meet on a blind date. Well, I think you should go out on blind dates more often because they help you break your own patterns. Most women tend to select the same type of man over and over again. Choosing to date blindly, to go out with someone at random, helps you break up your old patterns and gives you a chance to do something new.”

“That’s why I laugh,” she says, “when girls complain to me that they always seem to date jerks who mistreat them. Well, I’m going to have to guess that the reason a woman always dates jerks is because she’s the one doing the picking. Blind dating gives you the chance to kind of go against your own inner patterns. You get this wonderful random luck of the draw sort of thing that happens. You get a unique chance to go out and do something new and, even better, to meet someone new. You may end up having a uniquely interesting discussion with someone who you might never strike up a conversation with otherwise. It’s a great opportunity to introduce to your life some great new variety. I think every girl should push herself, get out of her comfort zone, and enjoy a blind date now and again.”

Farrah also enjoys the phenomenon of speed-dating. She loves to pack in as much enjoyment as possible in as little time as possible. “When you speed date,” she says, “you’re just being swamped with new chances to have fun. Here’s a guy with a jock personality. Here’s a guy with an artist personality. Here’s a guy with an ambitious businessman personality. From the perspective of the guy doing it, it has to be just as good. Here’s a beautiful girl with a gorgeous rack who might be kind of high maintenance. Here’s a quiet girl who probably is great in bed who has that kind of look to her that you associate with someone who’s a real freak, in a good way. Here’s a vivacious red-headed girl who can fill your nights with fun and who just promises all the energy that only a very amped up, passionate young lady can offer you. Speed dating is like this marvelous buffet of wonderful new people, all crammed into a very short time, and you are encouraged to enjoy yourself and try new things.”

Farrah’s diary has become the place where she records for posterity all the things she most desperately wants to remember. “I don’t ever want to be one of those people who uses their diary for some kind of gotcha moment, so I don’t name names when I record my adventures. All the fun times I write about are with nicknames in them. I love to be able to tell the story of my life. Sometimes, when I want to enjoy my richest memories, I just page through my diary and try to get as in touch with what’s happening in my past as I can. I think you always need to stay rooted to your past. If you don’t stay familiar with who you are, you’ll lose touch. You’ll lose your way. Life is about setting your goals and then charting a course toward them, but do that, you have to be very in touch with who you are so you can stay rooted. You’ve got to be able to find your way to your goals, but also find your way back to them. At least, that’s how I’ve always looked at it. I think it’s really important.”

Farrah thinks the key to her happiness is that she never asks for more from life than she thinks is possible. “You’ve got to have goals, yes, but those goals also have to be reasonable. You’ve got to give yourself a chance to ramp up, you know? I think among the reasonable goals you should set for yourself is spending time with a sexy woman like me. I’m waiting!”

Sumptuous Sunny loves to flirt with people. She is a fun-loving and vivacious girl who likes to see if she can seduce a man just by giving him a particularly sexy look. She enjoys exotic dancing, although she’s never done this professionally. She also really likes powerful sports cars and other pursuits. She has very distinct beliefs about what a Las Vegas escort should be when it comes to doing a great job.

“A girl is the kind of esc ort who knows what you want and who can really be in your corner no matter what,” she says. “It’s up to my client what we’re going to do when we go out. I love the limitless potential that comes with every time I go out with a new client. That’s one of the reasons that being an escort is so much fun. You never really know what a guy is going to want to do. Every day is new, fresh, fun, and exciting. There’s limitless potential for how the day is going to go and what’s going to happen when it starts. What sort of booking are you going to have? Will you be partying your face off or doing something more intimate and engaging?”

“Through it all,” Sunny continues, “you get the opportunity to really get to know somebody. I love that part of escorting. Every time you meet someone new, you get these few glorious hours where everything is fresh and adventurous. Everything you learn about them is a surprise. That’s why it’s so easy to be an escort and do the job well if you have the right personality and stamina for the job. I am genuinely having a good time when I go out with new men, and that shows. It comes through. No guy wants to be with a woman who is just going through the motions. That’s absolutely true. So it thrills me that right now there are guys looking at my sexy pictures on the website, deciding if I’m the girl they want to spend time with. Getting to know them is going to be real fun for me. It’s something I can look forward to. Every day is like that for me. Every day I get to look forward to having fun.”

Sunny believes that there is an art to seducing a man with a sexy look. “When a guy gets my looking at him, he’s probably not focused on my face. But everything starts with that sexy, come-hither glance. Your eyes may be the windows to your soul, but they are also the way you can get you meaning across when you can’t use sound to do it. If our eyes meet from across the floor at a club, you won’t be able to hear me. You will only be able to see me, and it’s dark enough that you may not be able to tell what I am saying if I move my lips and try to mouth words at you. If I walk up on you, though, and our eyes meet, and I hit you with that electric come get me stare, then you’re going to know. You’re going to know that I’m giving you the go-ahead. You’re going to feel the electricity between us, and know that I’m expressing my interest.”

Sunny continues, “When I meet a man that I would like to get to know, I don’t believe in hesitating. Hesitation is for fools. There’s so little time that any of us has. There’s no point in wasting any of it, no point in burning it up in pointless delays. A man who wants my attention has only go to let me know. When it comes to my work life, I’ll book with you and I’ll be happy to take you out and show you the night of your life. I will build good memories with you even as we get to know each other. I will be the girl you can’t forget, the one you won’t want to see go, but who you’ll really enjoy when you watch her leave, as the old saying goes. I want you to give me the opportunity to make real eye contact with you.”

Sunny emphasizes just how much she likes getting to know new clients. “I want us to become friends. I want to build a relationship with you that means you’ll come back to any time you want no-strings-attached companionship with a beautiful woman. is all about making people happy. We genuinely want to satisfy you. We really do want to help you relax and make your life less stressful. That’s why we’re in business but, more importantly, it’s why we stay in business. We really are a top-flight service that gives top-flight service.”

Sexy Sybil is the kind of girl who loves fetish play and describes herself as bisexual. She knows that there are plenty of people who play at that identity in her industry, but she is confident in who she is. She loves to meet new men and get to know them, and she loves bringing pleasure to people. Happiness is very important to her and she sees it as the cornerstone of life.

“A lot of people kind of look at me oddly when I tell them that I get so much enjoyment from making men happy,” she says. “Why is that? It should bother us that the idea of making men happy, of putting their needs first, is viewed as somehow odd or strange. Every escort is a highly trained professional girl. She understands that you want to spend some time with a beautiful woman and that you need to be made the priority, because her business is what pleases men. That’s why I enjoy making men happy. I don’t get this attitude that it’s somehow wrong, or oppressive, or whatever other nonsense some women seem to come up with to excuse why they won’t make their men happy.”

Sybil believes that it is the job of every Vegas escort to make a man happy. She’s got to understand what he’s going through and all the stresses that he faces every day. “I get men,” she says. “I want to help them. That’s what I’m paid to do. My craft, the way I approach my business, is to put you at ease and make you comfortable, because only when you are completely relaxed are you going to be able to sit back and really absorb the fun we’re trying to have. girls are trained to understand what stresses you out and to do everything in their power to de-stress you. We want you to be relaxed. We want you to be happy. We want to give you an escape from the every-day, from all the junk that you deal with out there. When you get up and when you leave the house, you are coping with an incredible number of stressors that affect you on every level.”

Sybil goes on, “I’m here to be in your corner. I’m here to help you. The many benefits of being with a escort include all the relief we can bring you. Being in my presence, being close to me, is something that all men value. Every man loves to be close to beautiful women. They sort of bathe in the glow of a sexy girl. Men find women comforting. Men enjoy just being in the same room with beauty. Sitting next to a beautiful woman, having her on your arm as you hit the town, sitting down to a quiet dinner with her... these are all things that will help your stress melt away. I will help you get to know yourself, because it is my job to get to know you first. Yes, it’s my job to help you, but really, very deep down, at the core of my being, pleasing you and helping you pleases and helps me. If I can give you the means of easing your troubled mind and recharging your batteries, then I can walk home at the end of a long, satisfying, fun day full of partying knowing that I am a good girl who has fulfilled her assignment properly.”

“Getting to know people,” Sybil says, “is something that I find very enjoyable. I won’t ever put any judgments on you. I think my clients are always right. I put them first. Their needs come first and I love to be able to show off and make my clients look good. It doesn’t matter where we go or what we do together, although I have my favorites. I love to go to business conventions and other business functions, where I can make my client look like a player in front of his co workers or his boss. I love the expression that comes over people’s faces as I turn heads when I walk into the room.”

Sybil also knows, however, that discretion is very important to her job, and she is very focused on that need for confidentiality. “Being discreet and protecting your privacy are the cornerstones of the work of a Vegas escort,” she says. “If you can’t relax and know that you’re being protected, you can’t have fun. So we make sure that what you are doing is nobody’s business but yours. We want to win you over. We want to make every client a repeat client and build a great relationship with you. That’s how we approach every interaction, with respect and trust. That is the regard we hold you in.”

Beautiful Briana loves to go bird watching. She’s also a fan of hiking. To stay in shape, she takes a spin class, does yoga, and has dabbled in pilates. She likes to play the game “twister,” but admits that she’s not the first person to turn it into a stripping game for extra fun. She has very definite opinions about sex, men, women, and relationships.

“Men all over the world, whether they are single or with someone, married or something in between, all have something pretty serious in common. They all like sex. They like talking about sex. They like thinking about sex. They like things that make them think about sex, even indirectly. They adore beautiful women. And they like spending time in the company of a beautiful woman, because being near such a woman really helps them feel special. Sure, a man likes letting his eyes rove over a beautiful woman’s body, sure, but what he really likes is that he can take in the company of this woman, when she’s an escort, without worrying about relationship baggage, drama, and any of the other considerations that normally make dating such a drag.”

Briana goes on, “Booking an escort so you can take a woman out on the town also saves time. There’s a lot of nonsense on the Internet and elsewhere devoted to these sad ‘pick up artists’ who are trying to con girls into going home with them. Well, there is also a lot of time and effort involved what that kind of activity. When you hire an escort, you don’t have to deal with any of that. You can just skip to the part where you get to go out and have a good time.”

Briana loves any activity that can be sexy and fun. “We, as consenting adults, can enjoy ourselves in any of several ways,” she says. “What is it about a good escort, a very beautiful young woman, that is so appealing to all men all around the world, men who, when they get home after a long day at just want to unwind by spending some time in the company of a sexy lady? Babe-directory is as much a public service as it is a private business. Imagine the good that an escort site does by connecting beautiful young women with the men who want to spend time with them. Unlike when you contract with an Internet dating service, there is no pressure and there are no strings attached when you book an escort.”

The added benefit of going out with an escort is that there are no demands on you, Briana explains. “Your Las Vegas isn’t going to demand anything that you aren’t willing to give,” she says. “The two of you are going to go out for a good time and see what develops. Maybe you go out for dinner; maybe you go out for dancing; maybe you go out for drinks; maybe you spend a quiet evening at home. You might even go to a business convention or a social function. However it works out, there is no pressure and nobody is going to put a gun to your head to make you do anything. Your escort exists to make you happy and to make sure your client experience is a positive one. She wants to make sure you are going to go home satisfied, and she takes real pleasure knowing that you are pleased with how she has conducted and managed your time together.”

“Bringing people together is what is all about,” she says. “We put women in touch with men who want to have fun. Our girls have embraced the party lifestyle that lets them have fun all the time and meet men who are looking for company to enjoy themselves and feel special. Everything is completely safe, and there are absolutely no strings attached. There are no complications, there is no danger, and everything is absolutely legal, safe, discreet, and fun. What’s even more important is our discretion. We won’t share your information with anyone. I’ll never talk about our date to anybody if you don’t want me to. You can talk to me and see the light in my eyes, hold my hand, feel my breath on your cheek when you lean in close to share something special. What I bring to the table is everything a relationship, a traditional, personal dating relationship, does not and cannot. Going out with me is a rewarding and fulfilling way to enjoy yourself in the company of a beautiful woman. There is no pressure here, and there is no judgment. This is the beauty of escorting, and it’s why you should be booking with us. This is a far better experience than anything you’ve had before.”

Lovely Lara enjoys dining out with her dates and believes that listening well is the greatest skill an escort can have. She sees what she does as almost a counseling position. She believes that reducing a man’s stress helps in all the facets of his life, and she loves working with different clients. In her spare time she does volunteer work for a number of charities.

“I think men are overwhelmed with stress these days,” says Lara. “It isn’t just men, of course. It’s women too. But the majority of my clients are men, so that’s what I tend to focus on. At, we help relieve that stress. We not only take the stress out of the equation when it comes to dating and arranging a nice time out on the town, but we find ways to help you escape from the stress of your regular life. Going out with me is not just a pastime. It’s also a means of leaving your ordinary life behind. It’s like a little mini-vacation in which you are encouraged to shed your cares and woes and just let me do what I do best. I’m in the business of taking care of you. I just need to be allowed to do that.”

Lara goes on, “The typical man lives in a ball of stress from the moment he wakes up until the time he struggles to fall asleep at night. Picture the average guy as he starts his day. How does that begin? First, his alarm goes off, after he’s not gotten enough sleep. He never knows the joy of waking up on his own, after his body is properly rested. Instead, he gets jarred out of a sound sleep by the alarm. Maybe he hits the snooze, maybe he doesn’t. But he doesn’t have any choice, because eventually, he’s got to get up and go to his job. He gets into his car and he worries the whole time about being late while he fights his way through traffic to get where he needs to go. Or he takes public transportation and he worries that he’s going to get in trouble for being late, because the trains or the buses are always late. Once he gets to the office, he has to dodge his boss, who is a jerk, and he probably gets the evil eye or even a chewing out for not being early enough.”

Lara goes on, “This poor guy, he sits at a desk in a cubicle somewhere and he stares at a computer screen until it’s time for lunch. Lunch probably isn’t great, although he may manage to get out of the office for it. Most people can’t afford to eat lunch out all the time, so he probably doesn’t do that. Then he has to hurry back if he’s left the office, risk the evil eye again, and get back to the boring business of staring at his computer screen. If he’s really unlucky, he has some boring, mind-numbing meetings to attend throughout the course of the day, where he fights not to fall asleep and wishes he could be playing games on his phone. And then when the day is over, he fights his way back home again, stays up too late trying to cram all of his life into that brief window between leaving the office, sleeping, and going back again, and then wakes up to his alarm the next day to start the cycle all over again.”

Lara adds, “I don’t see how that could be anything for the average guy but a crushing diet of constant stress. It’s stress for breakfast, stress for lunch, and stress for dinner. There’s probably nights the average guy can’t sleep because he’s thinking about things at work he thinks he needs to worry about. Well, think about all that stress. Think about what it’s doing to that guy. Stress and overwork are major killers. They contribute to a lot of ill health.”

Lara explains that she believes dating her provides the kind of stress-free recuperation that a man truly needs. “It’s true rest and recovery,” she says. “When you go out with me, I can make sure you never just go through the motions. I can make sure you genuinely enjoy your time in my company, and that will give you the much needed relief from stress that can make you live longer and help you enjoy your time on this world more fully. When you think about all the benefits, booking a escort is probably one of the most cost-effective ways you can take a vacation. You get all these benefits when we go out. That’s why being a Las Vegas escort is so special to me. It’s a chance to really help people.”

Captivating Raina is a party girl who enjoys the nightclub scene in the area. She has completely embraced the lifestyle that goes hand in hand with being a Las Vegas escort. She is also a big fan of lingerie and loves to keep things interesting in the bedroom.

“There’s no denying the party lifestyle that goes with being a escort,” Raina says. “A lot of the girls talk about it, because it’s so central to everything we do as part of our jobs. There isn’t a guy in the world who doesn’t think it sounds like an incredible way to spend your life when I tell them about it. Most of the younger girls I talk to, they think it sounds pretty good too. I mean, how could it not? I have plenty of free time, I don’t have to punch a clock, and I can really enjoy myself, day in and day out, without ever feeling like my life is make work or drudgery.”

Raina continues, “There’s a long list of things I will never do with my life because I get, instead, to be a Las Vegas escort. I will never sit down at a desk in the morning, sigh, and resign myself to a long day of being unhappy and wishing I could go home. I will never have to file paperwork. I will never have to put on a tie and wish I didn’t. I will never have to sit through a boring meeting. Being an escort, to me, is more than just a job. It’s more than just the chance to meet interesting people and get to know them. And it’s even more than constantly getting taken out of drinks, dinner, dancing, and other fun activities. Being an escort, to me, is freedom. It’s just this incredible freedom that makes all the difference in the world.”

Raina likes to exercise her freedom at various dance and night clubs. “Dancing is the best thing there is to do,” she explains. “I mean, I like drinking. I like eating good food. I like relaxing. I really, really like sleeping. But dancing is the best of all possible worlds outside of the sleeping part of things. When I’m dancing, I get this all-over feeling of just warmth and freedom and happiness. I like the music really loud. I want everything cranked up.”

Raina admits that her loves of fetish and lingerie go hand in hand. “I love to dress up in different sexy costumes,” she says. “To me, when you dress up like that, when you say, ‘I am adopting this role,’ you are committing completely to your partner’s gratification. You are saying, ‘Here’s my body. It’s here for you to enjoy.’ I think that’s a pretty special gift. When a guy gets to put his hands on you, he’s generally pretty happy. He’ll accept that in and of itself. But when you dress yourself up for him, when you package yourself so that you’re that much more sexy and exotic, he’ll remember that even more. He’ll see you as a present to be unwrapped, a gift of incredible value that is his and his alone.”

Raina goes on, “My love of fetish play means that I’m never happier than when I’m wearing some sexy costume with a theme, like a French maid or something like that. I try to be original and I try to keep it changed up, because the more variety you can manage, the more turned on your guy will get. Men just love variety. They like to fantasize about being with different women. I’m happy to play to that sexy need they have.”

Raina knows that every man is looking for something that he can’t get elsewhere when he books a Las Vegas escort. He’s looking for the time and attention of a beautiful woman without any of the hassle or the baggage that normally comes with dating the old fashioned way. Raina is also happy to be able to provide that service because she sees it as freeing men from the relationship presence they have lived in for so many years.

“I love the opportunity to let a man date on his terms,” she says. “It’s his schedule and it’s his time. He gets to get exactly what he wants and nothing that he doesn’t want. Every man is looking for that unique experience, that closeness and focus and attention with a beautiful woman. That’s very special and I think it’s something that needs to be respected. You have to be able to give the men and women around you precisely what you want if you want to fully engage them. That’s the key to being a personable, sexy, friendly woman. Being friendly is its own reward, if you ask me.”

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